Welcome to our new blog!

Hello. It has been a year since we started and as that old saw says well, what a new year it has been! We have saved thousands of dollars on shipping for shoppers across the world, and we hopefully have put a few hundred smiles on our customers faces.

We have always aimed to be more than just a shipping service that provides savings in shipping. We want to put a spotlight on exciting brands, amazing products, fun concepts and of course still bring those great deals and sales. The daily deals page will soon become available for members only, and we are going to bring you more sales and offers than we have in the past.


To serve this end, 1GrandTrunk, a package forwarding service, is going to start a blog here. We will put a spotlight on all those great brands, products and more, and also have some fun along the way. We sincerely hope you will like what you will see and read.


1GT team

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