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10 Desi Toys that reflect the India that we grew up in

By August 21, 2017Explore India

The greatest stories that have ever been recounted don’t ever start with “Once Upon a time”. Or, “So I walked Into a Bar” for that matter. They always have, and always will start with “When I was a kid…”, “Back in those days…”, “I remember that time when …”. But you already knew that, didn’t you? You don’t need someone to remind just how great your childhood was as an Indian kid.

The long, idyllic summer holidays. The tall glasses of sherbet. The exciting games under the sweltering sun. The joy of pakodas and board games during a rainy day. The never-ending evenings with your own gang of friends. Someone said it quite beautifully – “Those were the days”. Those days, those memories, those glorious stories that form the most beautiful chapter of your life called childhood. If only there was a way to go back to all of it, a chance to live it all again, and perhaps with your children this time.

Recollect memories with these 10 best toys of India that reflect the country that we grew up in:

Taj Mahal 3D Puzzle

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We all remember the first time we saw Taj Mahal as a child and being left awestruck by its enigmatic beauty. We also remember pestering our dad to buy a puzzle of the Taj, followed by long evenings where you tried recreating the beauty on your dinner table. It’s time to finish what you’ve left, with the Taj Mahal 3D Puzzle. You can buy it here.

Monopoly Indian Edition

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A throwback to a time when weekend plans were about the family coming together over hot cups of chai and Monopoly. Who can forget those playful fights over Monopoly money with your siblings, only to find it was your dad who was the culprit! Of course, mum saved the day with a plateful of snacks. Recreate those memories, this time with Monopoly Indian Edition. You can buy it here.

Little Genius Abacus

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Who didn’t hate doing Maths homework as a child? But strangely enough, doing maths with Abacus was always fun. The colourful beads somehow drew our curiosity and made some of the most mind-boggling maths questions seem so easy. You can buy it again here.

Science Kit – Electronics

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The thing that made us all want to be engineers when we grow up. The toy that planted the seeds of curiosity in our minds and gave us the answers in the most delightful of ways! Give your kids a chance to discover the same joy. You can buy the Science Kit from here.

Snakes & Ladders

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The game that taught us that winning and losing is a part of life and that fate could change in a roll of a dice! Perhaps, it’s time to take a walk down the memory lane and learn all the lessons again in a fun way? You can buy the game from here.

Brainvita Buddhi Jaal

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Chinese Checkers? No! We’d got our own Indian version that we all loved more than anything – Buddhi Jaal! This game of marbles was every kid’s dream and gave us all our first shot at logical reasoning. It’s still fun and brain-racking, even for an adult! You can buy it here.

Brass Kitchen Set

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Who doesn’t recall looking at all the fancy utensils in the kitchen with awe, and wishing you had a collection of your own! Well, it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams, right? Share the fun with your kids. Buy the kitchen set from here.

Gilli Danda

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The rush of excitement when you hit the Gilli with the danda. The thrill of chasing it back. The feeling of elation when you win the game. Relive the fun all over again, just like the good old days. Buy your Gilli Danda set from here.

Mancala Board Game

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Rainy days were never complete without your group of buddies huddled over the Mancala board, fighting over blue gems! This classic indoor game was a favourite with kids & adults and both, and you’ll still find it on every child’s table in India. You can buy it from here.

Wooden Spinning Tops

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Perhaps nothing speaks more about Indian childhoods than spinning tops! Those colourful, wooden tops were a joy to behold as they danced across the roads and streets with a familiar clacking sound. Wouldn’t you love to experience it all again? Buy them here.

There’s no greater joy than getting a chance to relive all those carefree days of the past! And 1GrandTrunk gives you exactly that, as it offers to bring all these traditional Indian games & toys right to your living room, with a variety of international shipping modes. So, go on, give yourself a much-needed trip down the memory lane and let your kids join in on the fun too! SignUp here

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