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Unleash your natural beauty with the touch of cosmetics. Check out our list of top cosmetic brands of India with some handpicked products for you to choose between and get ready to receive your favorite line of skincare and beauty brands to your doorsteps by an amazing assisted shopping India and shipping experience and  with


An acclaimed brand serving the country with its distinguished services over a period of 5 decades. It is embedded in the history of Indian cosmetics as the first ever Indian makeup brand. It is more of an absolute range with its massive network of services spread across various domains. Apart from being a provider of unabridged skincare solutions, it has got the lion’s share among the beauty service providers. Lakme offers a one stop solution for all your skin care, and cosmetically necessitates.
Boasting a well-established network of beauty salons spanning across the country, it is a provider of the most exclusive range of beauty services. Lakme fashion week conducted annually is reckoned to be the most anticipated event of the fashion industry. Lined up with an exclusive range of products catering to every possible skin concern, Lakme could rightly be regarded as the most staunch and up right brands of the Indian cosmetic industry.

 Lakme cream                                Cosmetic of Lakme

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Lakme products are also available here


Accredited as one of the best herbal brands of India. You can trust upon its product catalog with eyes shut since it provides you with 100% risk-free and botanical products. It is considered to be a dealer of the most amazing products available at very feasible prices. The product line is a result of extensive analysis and research. Being a follower of the products of Himalaya bounds you to acquire the benefits of best of Ayurveda and rare herbs.

Himalaya cream

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Himalaya products are also available here 


VLCC is regarded as an eminent name among the weight loss service providers. It is also effectually functional as a contributor of therapeutic beauty treatments. Having a noteworthy share in the beauty and wellness services VLCC is another virtuous group affirmed to provide you with absolute luxuries and contentment. 1GrandTrunk give you assisted shopping India which makes you feel shopping like local.

                                                  VLCC Bleach                                VLCC moisturiser
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VLCC products are also available here


Another distinguished leader renowned to cater the needs of the people looking out and having faith in naturally derived ayurvedic beauty essentials. Driven by the benefits of 100% natural botanicals, the product range sets a celebrated standard for itself.

The product line is evolved out of pioneering research, fabrication and expansion spread over a prolonged duration of more than 25 years. The liasoning of the issues generated from the Boutique labs with the cutting edge Swiss Biotechnology accounts for providing it another dignified standing among its fellow competitors.

Biotique cosmetic

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Biotique products are also available here

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials, a brand that is known to provide you with the products cultivated from the purest and finest natural ingredients. The unique range of forest Essentials including handmade soaps, extract cold press oils, face masks bring about its Unique Selling Point.Another characteristic feature of this brand is the implication of traditionally old and pristine ayurvedic ways to fabricate the products with a maximum emphasis on hand made beauty products and processes. Although being on the little pricier side as compared to other aspirants, the brand is an indisputable name for class and luxuries.

                                                        Forest essentials                          forest essential cream
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FE products are also available here

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