A Journey Without A Travel Is Possible With These Must Read Fiction Books

By October 17, 2017Fiction

One of the great pleasure of our life is to open up a nice book and not keeping it down until excavated every little page full of adventure, a new plot or an intriguing character. That’s the beauty of reading a “fiction book”and choose your journey with 1GrandTrunk.

Books open our mind and allow us to experience the entire lifetime, travels and journey into a different world without having to move an inch of our comfortable chair. Seeing the world as someone else and visiting those territories virtually that we might not be able to go otherwise is an adventure in itself. Bringing you some of the exceptional fiction work to experience the journey through the world of a book, here are 10 must-read fiction books for traveling. You can get these books easily on Amazon.

A Column Of Fire

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If you are familiar with the novels by Ken Follett, then you know what you perceive: Strain, pleasure, a lot of information. The plot is set throughout one of the most intense and innovative times in antiquity. A Column of Fire is Follett’s most impressive and pretentious works. It will fascinate longtime fans and is the excellent start for readers fresh to Ken Follett. And if this isn’t your first-read Ken Follett novel you might reasonably know what I mean to say. They are true page-turners. Follett never makes you lose the track. Here: The numerous major happenings of the 16th century are illustrated with various aspects. You can buy this book at Amazon and feel the pleasure.

The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

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All the WOWs, twists & turns, all ups, and downs come together in this book of Good versus evil. You will love the way how two stories are merged together to have a beautiful and loving ending. It very much kept in with previous tales about Salander, and if you desire to keep up, you should read this one. The author, David Lagercrantz has done a good job of recapitulating the vogue of Laarson’s first stories, keeping it with the originals. Highly recommended to see by yourself! It is easily available at Amazon.You should read it if you like twist and turns.

Enemy Of The State

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It’s the latest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills. Mitch Rapp exposes himself solely targeted by a nation that is assumed to be one of America’s nearest associates. This novel utterly connects diplomacies, secret executions, and the backstory of the personalities. Readers can recall their cores to remember previous books written by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills to skip a beat. The plot and the author’s talent to produce back the remarkable old characters to present a thriller genre was tough to pull down.  A novel with a great ending and sustaining suspense throughout! Buy this must read book at Amazon.

The Romanov Ransom

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The legend from the past events about Nazis in Germany that fled at the end of the battle and twisting them into a modern-day tale will leave you stunned. Set yourself upon hunting for the forgotten Russian treasure of the Zarist reign. This might be another fabulous experience with the Fargo, but this time in quest of reserves of the Romanovs. If you have always admired Cussler’s adventures then this one isn’t disappointing. The Fargos are a genuine modern-day couple.  As usual for the author, Clive Cussler, he will never fail to explain what he writes, the level of perfection never drops. Find it at Amazon and get it shipped at your door.

A Legacy Of Spies

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The author, Le Care hasn’t dropped a bit of his writing talent in this one. You will feel that all the characters are back in the plot, as they were earlier. Still, the plots are unwounded from earlier pieces. Just take some time to give it an exciting read. If you are a Le Care fan, go for this great book as this would really make you hit in your head about the moral attitudes or the actions the government has taken or continues to take. You can purchase it easily from Amazon.

The Whistler

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It’s a Grisham’s masterpiece. John Grisham has released a novel more about lawyers full of curiosity, fascination for a criminal action that boggles the intention. One point prominently narrated in this novel is that it has broad solicitudes about movements inside an Indian reservation. You get to learn about the different laws and deals with tribal enterprises. This book is hard to put down with a real tough storyline.  It is a great and compelling read for John Grisham fans. Enjoy! it easily from Amazon.

The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness

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This book by Arundhati Roy has a remarkable and compelling storyline. Roy has an enthusiastic fan following, and her followers will not be deceived by this one. This challenging new novel revolves around three male friends who have fallen in love with a single woman. Roy tells an unusual mixture of epic and excellent chaos and unforgettable realism. You will sense granted to a powerful world of diversity of modern India. You can purchase it easily from Amazon.

One Indian Girl

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While Chetan Bhagat is identified for plain and pure coupling, with amusing relationships, this one is taken up a notch from his way. beautifully describes the hidden feelings showcasing woman – subtle, plain by attribution fallacies. You will highly appreciate because in this book he speaks about self-respect of a woman, the social and ethnic credentials. You can find it easily at Amazon.

The Boy Who Loved

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This book by Durjoy Dutta is really heart-touching. This book beautifully describes  the feeling when you are in love.This novel has a real frame and certainly, it is amazing. It sorts all teen problems; must read this book. Durjoy Dutta is beloved by many. He never fails to count on his side. You can purchase it easily from crossword.

Our Story Needs No Filter

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Sudeep Nagarkar will take you to an exciting tour to get you attached to the characters, you will surely get emotionally attached to the story. Undoubtedly, you will be able to read this whole book in a seating. Sudeep has always been a ranker in Best seller’s list. In this book, you will get to go through with the journey of friendship and love. Give it an exciting read. You can purchase it easily from Crossword

Fictitious books are reality simulator. Improve your quest of knowledge and put yourself in the shoes and enhance your aptitude for compassion, you can barely do fully than reading these novels. Happy reading!


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