5 Things Indonesians Buy From USA
It’s time for some retail therapy

By November 27, 2017Explore USA

Here’s a fun fact. Indonesia is on track to become the largest e-commerce market in Asia, after India & China. Given a young and fast-urbanizing population of roughly 250 million, B2C sales in the e-commerce sector have been increasing at break-neck speed. In fact, according to Statista, the number of online shoppers are expected to reach 35.5 million in 2019 – a number that’s quite impressive.

With e-commerce making a strong footprint in Indonesia, there’s been a growing preference for luxury brands, particularly from the US. We’re talking branded accessories, the likes of Dior, Tissot, Gucci, and Nina Ricci. High-end mobile phones from Apple and Samsung, outdoor tools and a host of other products!

Keen on shopping from the USA? We’ve got a quick list of amazing products that’ll quench your thirst for some retail therapy.

  • Branded Watches

Image source: WorldOfWatches.com


Anybody would look stylish and complete in a simple and elegant timepiece. The craze for branded watches is quite understandable. If you want to flaunt a luxury label, we suggest brands such as Christion Dior, Tissot, Rolex and Breitling to begin with. A little on the higher side, but worth the ‘awe’. Ready? Find them here.


  • Mobile Phones

Image source: Essential mobiles.com


The United States is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. So, it’s no surprise that a number of orders for iPhones & Samsung devices flood in from around the world, Indonesia included. With Indonesia currently expanding its 4G technology network, more and more consumers are turning towards the US tech market to pick their favorite gadget. And we suggest you do the same! You can purchase them here.


  • Branded Handbags

Image source: trendlee.com


Imagine flaunting a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel bag. Luxury brands are quite enticing, and sometimes, you need to give in to it. Fashion enthusiasts can find a variety of high-end products at online US stores. From Chanel, Burberry, and Gucci to Nina Ricci, Jimmy Choo, and Prada – find your pick from a wide range of iconic luxury accessories here.


  • Outdoor Multi-tools

Image source: tolex.com


When it comes to quality outdoor tools and equipment, online USA sites have some great options available. These products range from simple air blowers, heat guns, and power saws to angle grinders, power toolkits, and cordless tools. These cost-effective kits are made with expert precision & quality and are a definite addition to your toolshed. Purchase them here.


  • Motorcycle and Car Accessories

Image source: tolex.com


The US market is flooded with a variety of car and motorcycle accessories that will make your driving experience smooth, comfortable, and convenient. From food trays, drink holders, and polishing disks to front grill chrome, scratch remover pens, and tire inflators – they have everything you need to add style and utility to your vehicle. Are you keen on accessorizing your vehicle? Spruce up your daily ride with these cool automobile accessories.


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