We can now establish the fact that online shopping is therapeutic and convenient at the same time. It started with shopping from domestic websites, but of late more and more people have started shopping from international websites. There can be several reasons for this – to get a slice of one’s own country, to get latest fashion trends that are still to reach your country, to own brands that aren’t available in your country, or to taste flavours from a different country.

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Shopping internationally isn’t as simple as shopping from a domestic website. There are several aspects that need to be considered before shopping online on international websites. Websites like 1GrandTrunk make your shopping economical by helping you save big bucks on shipping charges and by providing free address of particular country which makes you shop like a local. Here is a list of things that will guide you through the entire shopping & shipping process and help you use 1GrandTrunk.

  • Sign-Up

Signing up is easy and free of cost. It’s the first step. Once you have signed up, you will be given a personalized free US or Indian address, immediately ready for you to ship your online shopping parcels.

  • Shipping Options

Before diving into the whole shopping process, investigate the various shipping options that are available on the 1GrandTrunk website. The website has different carriers based on the type of parcel and delivery speed.

  • Shipping Cost

You can get an estimated cost using the shipping calculator on the website. However, it does not include taxes and customs duty that will be levied on your shipment. Shipping is based on the carrier and type of service that you select.

  • Taxes & Duties

Know all about the taxes and customs duties that are imposed on different products that you are ordering, and you can choose to either pay the taxes to 1GrandTrunk or pay them once your package has reached your country.

  • Shipping Address Vs Billing address

Before placing an order, you need to understand that your billing or free address will be different from your shipping address and you might have to call the merchant to confirm your order.

  • Coupons

When you shop on international websites, make sure to check all the coupons that are available at that moment. 1GT members or people who sign-up on 1GT website also get an exclusive access to deals & personal shopper services offered by 1GrandTrunk.

  • Payment assistance

There have been cases when if the billing address is different from shipping address or if the billing address is from a high-risk country, the merchant cancels the order even after the payment has been made. To avoid such situations, it is recommended that the buyer calls the merchant to confirm their order. For people shopping from India or the USA, 1GT provides free address as well as Assisted Purchase Facility.

  • Shipping dangerous goods

Shipping products with lithium-ion batteries, spare batteries, or perfumes with alcohol are harder than shipping normal goods and can be more expensive too. 1GrandTrunk is a qualified dangerous goods shipper and can handle the goods in certain conditions with additional charges. To check the cost of shipping of dangerous goods, contact 1GT.

  • Searching for a product online

When searching for a product internationally, it is recommended to use the local search engines of the country that you are shopping from. For example, for India use and for the USA, use

1GrandTrunk is on a mission to simplify lives and international shopping experiences and make it economical. If you still have any doubts or difficulty while shopping online, you can always reach out to the Personal Shopping Concierge. So, hurry up & sign-up now! Happy international shopping economical shipping to you.

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