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Want to move more? Sleep better? Live healthily? A fitness tracker is a solution. When you are on a diet, you’ll have to keep track of every little detail in it and put together a workout plan. Achieve your goals with a fitness tracker, collect data, & make every step count.

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Push yourself and reach your goals. Here are 7 fitness trackers to keep a tab on your progress. Let’s take a look.

1.Moov Now

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Moov Now is a pure activity band with a slim design. It can be attached to your wrists or ankles to measure various motions from running to cycling and swimming to boxing. Its integrated app picks up data and generates an accurate analysis. Go make your Moov Now. Buy it here.

2. Misfit Ray

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Are you an entry-level fitness fan? Then here’s your ray of sunshine. Misfit Ray has a basic feature to count steps. Track through the day, analyze the distance, & calories you’ve burned. Buy it here.

3. Fitbit Altra HR

Image source: Fitbit

Fitbit is the leader in the US market for lightweight activity trackers. The new Fitbit Altra HR can track your steps, the distance traveled, calories burned and your sleep. It shows you notifications, incoming calls and has built-in optical heart rate sensors to record your heart rate throughout the day. Buy it here.

4. Garmin Forerunner 35

Image source: Garmin

With added vibration alerts, higher resolution display, specific sports profiles and slightly changed wrist strap design, Garmin Forerunner 35 makes for an affordable yet effective running watch. This fitness tracker guarantees a strong battery life and strong data breakdown. Buy it here.

5. Samsung Gear Fit2

Gear Fit2 Blue front view

Image source: Samsung

Samsung Gear Fit2 is an Android and iOS-friendly device that does a whole lot for your money. This wrist-based heart rate tracker analyses your heart beats in a distinct way. Want to know how? Just like many other wearables, the Gear Fit 2 too uses infrared light blasters and green LEDs to track the rate of your blood flow. Buy it here.

6. Apple Watch Series 3

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This wearable is the culmination of Apple’s recent advancements in smartwatch technology. Apple Watch Series 3 can monitor a huge range of exercises while receiving emails and text messages. You also get access to a host of apps such as Whatsapp & Apple Music. Buy it here.

7. Garmin Vivosmart HR

Image Source: Garmin

From fitness tracking to twitter notifications, Garmin Vivosmart HR+ will take care of it all. Yes. With a rugged waterproof design, five-day battery life and an excellent heart-rate monitor, Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is unashamedly a fitness tracker first. Buy it here.

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