3 websites that can help you with Home-schooling your child

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One of the hardest and most crucial choices of life is to decide how your child will be educated. The idea of shifting from traditional educational methods to home-schooling can be overwhelming. When it comes to education, parents forget that learning happens all the time; from teaching how to walk & talk to academics & education – you can be your child’s best teacher.

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Home-schooling follows a customized curriculum rather than teaching according to a standardized set of guidelines. And because of this personalization, homeschooling is effective as it does not have the typical classroom setting.

Here are a few websites that offer tools and products that will help you homeschool your child.

  • Hand2Mind

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Hand2mind believes that the best way a child learns something is by doing it. From maths, science, and literacy to providing classrhttp://www.hand2mind.com/oom resources, this website should be your go-to for all homeschooling needs.

Books like Maths Dictionary, The Super Source series, How to be a Math Genius, Science Dictionary, etc. are available on the website. Hand2Mind also offers activity kits like Pattern blocks, Button Box Kit, Phonics classroom packages, Reading Rods Series of activity kits, etc.

There is a wide range of books on several topics to aid the learning process of the child. For science education, this website offers various books, lab supplies, activity and experiment kits, etc. Order curriculum sets & education supplies from this website and aid your child’s home-schooling process. Buy supplies here.


  • EAI Education

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EAI Education offers teaching supplies, manipulatives, classroom resources, and educational games. From grade Pre-K to 12th, all the supplies for homeschooling parents and students are available.

To aid the maths curriculum, tools like dominoes, abacus, calculators, geometry kits, & other activity kits are available. Various books that can help the child learn theoretical concept are also available. Books to help the child get a clearer picture of literacy concepts and to learn the grammar and sentence building well are also available. Activity kits that help the child get better with phonics and reading abilities can be bought from this website.

As for the science education, a wide range of books covering all the topics of science right from Physics to Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science can be found here. EAI Education also takes care of your child’s early education, various activity kits, puzzles, games, and art and craft supplies are available for pre-schoolers. Buy the activity kits here.

  • Spielgaben

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Spielgaben is the sequential series of 14 children’s wood play sets to be used during the child’s short window of brain development. There are curriculum-based learning resources that will help you to inculcate play based learning into homeschooling. Your child will learn to experiment through manipulations for the years to come. The play set is designed for ages 3-12. In other words, your child is presented with limitless opportunities to play and learn at the same time.

The set includes things like wooden blocks, wool, geometrical figures, colorful shapes, play boards, workbooks, etc. The play set helps the children strengthen eye-hand coordination and fine-tune motor skills. Children also learn mathematical and geometrical concepts through play-based learning methods. Buy these activity kits here.

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