The Best Smart Speakers of 2018

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Your Voice is its Command!!!

With advanced technology, our routine life functions are witnessing a drastic change. Our lives are faster and simpler. While smartphones are our go-to devices, smart speakers are now making everyday life a breeze. These are voice-activated assistants that respond to simple voice commands. These are wireless that can also be controlled by apps and are powered by Artificial Intelligence. From playing music for you to operate your coffee machine – smart speakers can do all that and much more. While the first smart speakers were Amazon Echo and Google Home, there are several new brands in the market hitting the market today. Here are some of the best smart speakers for your home.

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Have a look at the list of new smart speakers that are available in the market!

  1. Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99
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smaller and more economical version of Amazon Echo, this lets you welcome Alexa into your house. It doesn’t take up too much space. Amazon Echo users get the advantage of Alexa’s ability to work with a broader variety of third-party apps. This speaker comes with Bluetooth as well as a 3.5 mm jack.

  1. Google Home, $129
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Google Home has a distinctive sound quality. It is enabled with Google Assistant. By the virtue of being a Google smart speaker, Google Home has the world’s most powerful search engine at its disposal. It is available in six different colors and two different base finishes. It can be connected to Chromecast- enabled devices like television.

  1. Sonos One, $398

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This is based on Play: 1. It is enabled by Amazon’s Alexa. Sonos One has six microphones to receive your voice commands and offers the best audio quality when compared to other Alexa speakers. The sound quality will let you use this for whole-home audio. It also works with Spotify.

  1. JBL Link 20, $149.95

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What sets JBL Link 20 apart from other smart speakers is that it’s powered by a battery, which means you do not have to keep it plugged in while using. The battery lasts for 10 hours it is enabled by Google Assistant. The audio quality of this device is top-notch, staying true to JBL’s name. JBL Link 20 is also water resistant.

  1. Sony – LF – S50G, $199.99
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This smart speaker by Sony comes with omnidirectional audio, which provides powerful sound. It is also enabled by Google Assistant and offers touch-free gesture control, which means you can adjust the volume and play & pause with gestures or a wave of your hand. It also has an LED clock display.

  1. Insignia Voice, $149.99
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Insignia’s portable wireless speaker uses built-in Google Assistant to answer your questions and play your music. This offers great audio quality. Add depth to the sound with the sub-woofer in this speaker. It also has a battery that lasts for 5 hours and an LED display clock. For the price that it comes at, this one is a deal to be sealed.

  1. Motorola – Moto Smart Speaker, $149.99

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This one is for Moto Z/Z2 users. Transform your phone into a digital assistant with this Amazon Alexa Speaker. It lets you control the apps, receive notifications, and get weather & news updates with voice commands. This device can be attached to the back of your phone and has a battery that lasts up to 15 hours.

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