Debunking International Shipping Myths

When it comes to shipping internationally, there are many myths about the cost of shipping, risks involved, customs, etc. While factors like the difference in shipping costs as compared to domestic shipping & customs duties exist, the myths around them are not necessarily true. We bust some of the myths around international shipping to make your international shopping experience better.

Myth #1

Hefty Paperwork


When it comes to international shipping, many people believe they have to submit a lot of papers and getting their shipment will take forever. But that is not true. Most of the international shipments require minimal paperwork and if you ship with a trusted shipping partner they make your lives easier by providing you with all the information about the process. They also give you better clarity about the customs duties.

Myth #2

Shipping charges depend on the number of products


While the weight and size of the package might come into consideration while shipping, the number of products that you ship has nothing to do with the shipping costs. The biggest driver for the shipping cost is the dimension and size of your package. Most carriers fix the shipping charges according to the dimensions of the box. There are various shipping companies that provide you with an estimated cost of shipping before you ship the products and take care of the packaging so that you pay the minimal amount.

Myth #3

Shipping internationally would cost you a bomb


There is no doubt about international shipping being costlier than domestic shipping. However, there are several shipping service providers who provide exceptional rates of shipping & various offers. When you have more than one package shipping service providers consolidate your packages and send as one package, which helps in saving the shipping cost.

Now that you have these common myths debunked, you should not shy away from shipping internationally. With the advent of the internet, the world has become a smaller place and the doors to global markets have opened for you. International websites offer numerous products and latest trends that might not be available in your country. Isn’t that a great reason to shop internationally and have your hands on the best of things?

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