5 Makeup Essentials You Need to Own

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Using the same makeup kit for a long time now? Get rid of it and upgrade your make up bag with the latest arrivals in the market. There might be quite a few prized possessions that you should own but probably don’t. We are here to give you a list of makeup essentials you need to shop for right away.

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Matte Lipstick

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There is something about a matte lipstick that makes it classy, chic, urbane, and super stylish all at once. A lot of brands today are coming up with matte lipsticks and they are here to stay. With a flurry of exploding colours, you’d be spoilt for choice. Opt for red if you’re feeling bold. If you’re in the mood to experiment, try lilac. You could also go for several shades of pink that bring out your several moods.

Blush Palette

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Blush, when applied right with the appropriate shade can do wonders for your cheeks. It all comes down to choosing the right blush hue for your skin tone. Look for a warm tone like mauve, bronze or berry if you have medium to dark skin tone. Stick to peach, coral or baby pink if you have fair skin tone. A blush palette can be one of your great buys because you can mix and match to create a custom color that looks pleasing on you.

Color Correcting Concealer

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If you’re looking to hide those blemishes or under-eye circles, then the color correcting concealer is just the ideal buy. It hides any imperfections one wants to avoid while stepping out. There are 4 popular shades of color correcting concealers – Peach which hides the dark circles, Yellow to hide discolorations, Green to hide redness, and Purple to hide the dullness of skin.

Cushion Compact Foundation

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Ditch your old foundation and lay your hands on the Cushion Compact Foundation. It features a liquid foundation that has a sponge. It enables smooth application. They are compact thus making them travel-friendly. Toss one in your bag and your midday touch-ups while travelling to a meeting or a party or after a long flight get a lot easier.


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Eyeliner is truly a girl’s best friend. It pops your eyes and adds a little something to your eyes. While black eyeliner is a classic, you could also try other darker shades along the lashes. Draw a thin line along the lash line and wing it out just a bit beyond the eye.

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