8 Exciting Gifting Ideas For Oktoberfest

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The most widely known and celebrated German holiday, Oktoberfest has always been a festival of the good times. Grand parades, traditional Bavarian dresses, unlimited beer, blue & white décor and good food – Oktoberfest over the years has become a hearty celebration of abundant fall harvest and dark, malty beers crafted by local breweries. It’s also a reason for loved ones to get together. What’s a festival without special gifts? We’ve made a list of unique gifting ideas for Oktoberfest.

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Engraved Beer Mug

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Who doesn’t love customized beer mugs with a message engraved in it? Ask your loved ones to ditch the usual red mug. You could also opt for a stein, the traditional vessel for consuming beer in Germany. Gift a stein in a typical Bavarian blue colour for your loved ones and say cheers! Buy these mugs here.

Beer Brewing Kit

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How about brewing your own Oktoberfest beer? Or gifting a brewing kit to your beer aficionado cousin? Gift a beer brewing kit that includes all you need to kick off the celebrations. It comes with a full set of brewing supplies, including a glass carboy, tubing, clamps, an airlock, and a racking cane, and a recipe kit with all the ingredients for 1 gallon of authentic Oktoberfest-style beer. Buy the best set of beer kits here.

Oktoberfest Gift Box

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The Oktoberfest gift box is an ideal gift for those who enjoy their beer with the right kind of snacks to go with it. This gift box consists of six 12-ounce bottles of Oktoberfest beer all the way from Sierra Nevada. It also has a selection of delicious snacks such as Anette’s Beer Brittle, Nunes Farms roasted cashews and seasoned pretzels. Buy the best of Oktoberfest gifts here and surprise your loved ones.

Hofbrauhaus Hooded Sweatshirt

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Hofrauhaus is one of the oldest and the most renowned breweries in the world. Located in Munich, their beer is the ideal essence of the Oktoberfest. A Hofbrauhaus hooded sweatshirt will keep your loved one warm during windy fall days and even tells others his/her great taste in beer!

Cookie Gift Hamper

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While munching on pretzels, sausages, and roasted snacks during a beer session is a common affair, how about gifting some utterly yummy cookies for the children? Cookies with the traditional Bavaria blue & white crème as toppings will surely be a hit amongst the kids!

Assorted Cheese Box

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A handpicked selection of fine gourmet cheese can be an ideal gift for the Oktoberfest holiday. If you want to soak in everything traditional, then go for the German & Bavarian cheeses. Some of them include the Allgau Emmental, also known as Bavarian Swiss, Smoked Ammerlander, a Swiss-style cheese from the North Sea, and Hirtenkase, a snacking cheese.

Paulaner Coasters

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A popular brewery in Munich, Germany, Paulaner is often as one of the 6 official breweries of the Oktoberfest. If you’re visiting a friends house in Germany right in time for the beer party, why not gift them a set of Paulaner Coasters to get the party started? Buy them here.

Oktoberfest Beer Stein

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For a typical Oktoberfest enthusiast, it is impossible to kickstart the celebrations without the authentic German beer stein topped with a pewter lid. There are limited edition handcrafted beer steins available with patterns that symbolize the German culture. Makes for a fine gift. Purchase these here.

There you have it! Now that you know what you’re going to gift your friends & family this Oktoberfest, what are you waiting for? Shop online and ship your gifts across the world. Shopping from more than one website? Fret not. We’ve got the package consolidation services just for you. Sign up with 1GrandTrunk today. Happy Oktoberfest!

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