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For all the problems in this world, a solution has been figured out and perfected over time. All we need to do is reach out and get hold of the technology put into practice and bring it inside our day-to-day activities

It is quite a marvel to ponder upon the creativity come to life in a gadget and its sophistication that eases our tasks, we at 1GrandTrunk understand how valuable, gadgets are to our valuable customers, it is not an easy task to get the latest technology in our domestic market. When we possess the capability to reach out in this global market and fulfill our needs through international shipment, it only brings a sense of satisfaction.

Smartphone is a vital part of our routine and in this information age, it is only obvious that we take special care of our handheld buddies.

We have compiled a list of the latest gadgets for your convenience: –

Military Grade Iphone armor

Image Source: Amazon

Adventure is a major part of our lives, and having the right technology to assist our trips with entertainment and communication is a vital role played by our Smart phones, it is our utmost duty to protect what we love most.

GoPro Hero6 Action Camera

Image Source: Amazon

Best for Youtubers and Vloggers who love making a career out of documenting exciting footages for the public, GoPro is a wonderful action camera that can be used for adventure sports, racing, diving and much more. This gadget is the latest in trend among the Vlogging enthusiasts.

Rotating Selfie stick

Image Source: Amazon

Capturing your valuable moments never goes out of style with a selfie stick that “rotates”, yes it does, and it works perfectly fine with the GoPro.

Security Token (Bluetooth)

Image Source: Amazon

Gatekeeper Halberd, this Bluetooth enabled security token works on a proximity sensor, for people who need to be extra cautious or who may forget to lock their computers while in a hurry, perfect for data conscious people. This piece of technology is very convenient to use and saves login time.

Fingerprint Reader USB

Image Source: Amazon

An added benefit for people who like to keep their private stuff remain “private”, buying a laptop with an inbuilt finger print reader can cost you a lot, but this makes it faster (with quicker login time) and cheaper.

Sandisk Secure Flash drive

Image Source: Amazon

This sturdy metal encased flash drive with 128GB capacity has password protection software that lets you password protect and encrypt your sensitive files. This gadget also boasts an easy file recovery that makes it easier to recover accidentally deleted data.

Multi-connector memory stick

Image Source: Amazon

This cool gadget helps you connect various platform devices, makes it easier to share media files with no support software and has an apple lightning port, also supports android. It can be used as an external memory stick while on vacation to take those beautiful photos.

We at 1GrandTrunk strive to bring the best in quality services to our customers who need certain shipments done at a particular time and a place, we got you covered!

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