10 French Cosmetic Brands you must Shop Online from France

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French men and women are well known for their good looks. The country’s multi-billion-dollar cosmetics industry is responsible for the incredible features of the French people. Should you wish to buy French beauty products directly from France, you can look up online. Made of high-quality ingredients, these cosmetic products are good for the price. As the French can be pretty fanatical about their skincare, their products ought to be brilliant.

Here’s a list of the top 10 French cosmetic brands to look for:

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Biotherm is a renowned French beauty brand offering a wide range of luxury and natural skincare products. Their products are now available worldwide through various online stores. Founded in 1952, the company is now a part of the L’Oreal group that makes the finest range of cosmetics. The key ingredient of Biotherm is thermal plankton that helps rejuvenate skin and maintains skin health.


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Bioderma is a French company that was conceived as prescribed medical treatments. The company was created by a dermatologist. Bioderma products are excellent for skin care. The Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, for instance, is a much-loved cleanser used by makeup artists as well as models. It has wonderful soothing properties, gentle on the skin. Bioderma makes the best range of products for sensitive skin.


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Kleem is yet another recognized a French brand that uses thermal water and other natural active ingredients in its skincare products. All the products are made to retain moisture as well as vital skin nutrients. The brand also features a diverse range of skincare products for men and women that provide value for money. Kleem’s philosophy is to diagnose the skin problem before suggesting a treatment. Normaderm range is one of the best products of the company, with a range of cream, scrub, cleanser, and mask.


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Caudalie is a famous brand founded in 1993. The cosmetic brand uses active ingredients from grapes, including the vine, fruit, sebum, and leaves, combines them with natural mineral water, and makes the best range of beauty products.  No artificial colors, paraffin, mineral oils or parabens included.

Yves- Rocher

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Yves- Rocher is an organic skincare company that has been creating a wide range of cosmetics without disrupting nature. The brand has 100% eco-credentials and Ecocert certification along with the Cosmebio label. Some of the bestsellers include youth-intensifying serum and foundation.


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Nuxe is rated as an ultra-natural cosmetics brand that aims to harness properties of plants and its extracts. Products contain plant extracts, oils, petals and much more for effective skincare. Nuxe is one of the most successful French brands with products ranging from after-sun creams to anti-aging serums.


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Neutrogena products are dermatologist-recommended. In France, products from this brand are treated as medication, not as a usual beauty treatment. The brand’s products are beneficial for skin irritation, hair loss, and general skin health.


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Melvita makes 100% organic and preservative-free products. All products are free from antiperspirants, surfactants, and emollients. The brand also makes the finest range of anti-aging products in the market that has been tested. The Nectar Bright Brightening Exfoliation Mask is the best product from the brad.


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Uriage products are popular in France and online. The brand’s products are derived from thermal spring, which is tested for purity every day. A part of this brand deals in skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and burns. The Uriage Eau Thermale Spray is the best product.



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Although Batiste does not have a similar range of cosmetic products as other brands, it is the powerhouse of natural shampoos, dry shampoos, conditioners, and makeup. Key ingredients are plant extracts like oat, nettle, citrus, mango, pomegranate, peony, chamomile, and almond. Their best product is dry shampoo.

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