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10 Best Gifts for Those with Hearing Loss

By September 28, 2019Explore USA

Sometimes, it may be difficult to buy a gift for your loved one. If anyone in your family is hearing impaired, what could be the choice of gifts?

Be thoughtful while selecting gifts. Try to understand and respect the needs to make their lives easier. Gifts for hearing impaired are not necessarily boring. Here’s a list of entertaining books and technical devices:

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 Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset with Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

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Wireless sports earbuds have created a buzz all over the world, and for good reasons.

This Jabra device is an explosive hearable, though not designed solely for the hearing impaired. But this in-ear device enhances listening experience with additional features like heart rate monitor and sports tracking.

Raynic Vibrating Alarm Clock

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Living the life of a hearing-impaired is more difficult than presumed. A vibrating alarm clock can make waking up in the morning much easier. The alarm comes with a bed shaker, dimmer and might light with battery backup.

Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock


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Yet another incredible choice is the wake-up light alarm clock with colored sunrise simulation and sunset fading night light from Philips. This is the best alarm clock to gradually wake up a with cool sunrise simulation.

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

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Although the SkyBell Digital Doorbell wasn’t designed for the hearing impaired, it has perfect features to facilitate the deaf.

The doorbell sends an alert on the phone and even features video alert. Users can sign or lipread with anyone at the door without getting up to answer it.

The TV Ears Wireless Headset System


People with hearing loss face difficulties understanding the television. However, there are some special devices to facilitate this experience and make it enjoyable.

TV Ears are the best pair of wireless headphone devices that allows wearers to adjust volume and enjoy. It also makes TV clearer for them.

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar TV Speaker with Hearing Aid Technology


To enjoy watching TV, sound clarity is important. This device creates a totally different hearing experience. It also features an in-built hearing for seamless integration.

Books for Hearing Loss

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There are several entertaining and fascinating books to ease this transition phase of wearing a pair of hearing aids. Young children and teenagers can read books like El Deafo, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Freddie, and the Fairy, Maxi’s Super Ears, River’s Walk, Let’s Hear it for Almigal, Cosmo Gets an Ear, I’m The Boss of My Hearing Loss, and Sophie’s Tales, Sway, and A Birthday for Ben.

Plantronics 58003.001 Clarity Ensemble Touch Screen Phone

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If you want to gift something to a senior person with hearing impairment, the Clarity Ensemble telephone could be a good option. It is a captioned telephone that could help them stay connected to their family and friends without struggling to hear over the phone.

 Smart Jewelry

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People with hearing loss can have a tough time receiving phone calls and replying messages when the phone is kept in the handbag. With a piece of smart jewelry, however, there’s the least chance of missing a call, message or reminder.

Smart jewelry flashes every call, message, reminder, email, or any alert coming on the phone.

Hearing Aid Organizer

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Keeping a hearing aid organizer is the only way to ensure people don’t lose it. One may have multiple hearing aids. So giving a set of this hearing aid organizer would be a great option.

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