Top 10 Webshops in France for Fashion Lovers

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Walking down the streets of Paris, you’ll see an array of international high-street stores like Mango. You’ll also see midrange fashion boutiques like the Kooples and luxury fashion houses like the Doors. All these French fashion items travel to metropolis. But, shopping in France is more exciting and diverse.

There are small, medium and emerging brands doing excellent business in the fashion capital and a large overseas sales market. Sezane, French fashion lovers’ destination, has already left its mark in American retail, and others are following.

Here are the top 10 shopping destinations for fashion lovers in France:


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Sezane is the most popular French fashion brand. The fashion chain is less than a decade old but has brought wearable and well-made readymade garments at midrange prices to this vast retail space to fill the gap created by dominating high-street fashion labels and luxury brands. Morgane Sezalory, the founder of Sezane, brought France’s first digital-only brand to the scene, launching a number of small collections to subscribers in every season.


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Sessun is the most popular casual wear label. Established in 1998, the contemporary fashion label has everything you would like to carry on vacation. It has the finest collection of delicate prints, bohemian style rich textures, casual attire, hand-woven sweaters, and much more. The collections are made using traditional production techniques from all over the world, such as natural plant-based dyes and hand embroidery.

Maison Chateau Rouge

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Although a French fashion label, Maison Chateau Rouge clothing, and accessories were founded by Franco-Senegalese brothers Youssouf Fofana and Mamadou Fofana, it mainly emphasizes on African wax prints. Unique pieces are carefully designed to introduce African styles into the contemporary fashion world, thus mixing conventional patterns with urban streetwear, thus reflecting the Parisian neighbourhood, which inspired the label.


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Veja is a popular footwear brand that makes a sustainable fashion statement with their designer footwear. Founded by Francois-Ghislain Morillion and Sebastien Kopp, Veja has been in business for 13 years. Shoppers are now catching up to the cool sneakers and footwear the brand makes. Nowadays, the brand is making sneakers from eco-friendly materials like fish-farmed tilapia, silk, and recycled plastic bottles.

River Droite 

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Rive Droite makes eco-friendly accessories such as bags and totes, from recycled cotton. Their produces have a washed-linen look. The founder of this label produces bags, weekenders, makeup pouches, backpacks, and many other accessories exclusively from recycled materials like denim scraps and end-of-collection designer fabrics. All items are designed in Paris and further produced in Morocco and Casablanca, where artisans get fair payment and set up their micro-entrepreneurship for financial independence.

Le Slip Francais

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One of the most successful labels following the path of the Made in France movement, Le Slip Francais is a 7-year-old fashion label. It brings to you elevated, stylish and exclusively French-made leisurewear and undergarments. The brand only produced men’s wear until recently. It now sells durable and comfortable swimwear, practical women’s accessories (socks, think slippers, beach totes), and loungewear along with smart collaborations with iconic French brands like Aigle and Saint James.

Louise Damas :

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Louise Damas is a designer jewellery label inspired by the affordable collection of actress Jeanne Damas bangles, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Her jewellery is mostly embellished with brass, crystals, stones, and semiprecious pearls, and in vermilion.

Cuisse de Grenouille :

Launched in 2010, Cuiise de Grenouille is a popular label that makes surf style and clean-cut basics fashionable. The brand has the best Surf In sweatshirt collection and it’s signature products are sundresses, light skirts, polos, collegiate cardigans, flowy blouses, high-waisted striped shorts, fitted trousers, wave-patterned navy sneaks, and polos.


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Yse is an elegant, affordable and comfortable alternative to luxurious lingerie in French fashion. The label features underwire and padding-free undergarments, bathing suits, and accessories designed to stand out from other brands.


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Rivieras is a 10-year-old brand of French shoes much loved by Sofia Coppola and Leonardo DiCaprio. These shoes are designed for a carefree summer with a sense of urban fashion. Available in multiple colours, prints, and variety, the shoes are made from soft and breathable mesh, suede, canvas, or woven cotton with runner soles and sheepskin lining.

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