The Best Skincare Products for this Winter from India

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Winters are knocking at the door. This is the one time of the year when the weather remains much comfortable, and travel plans are made by everyone. But, also, winter is the time when the skin feels a little rough and dry, with the moisture level going down every day due to the frozen winds. The right skincare can create a protective shield on your body keeping it supple. You can try the following skincare products to make the winters more enjoyable.

Dermalogica Cream Cleanser

Available as a foaming gel, this Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel can help keep the skin smooth and hydrated after every wash. The creamy formulation of this cleanser helps to retain adequate moisture inside the skin which, in turn, keeps the skin glowing and radiant even during the dry winter days.


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Moisturizers are of much importance as the winters come around. For day round protection of your skin from the dry and chilly winds, you can choose the Lotus Nutramoist moisturizer cream that will create a protective layer on your skin to keep it moist and glowing.

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Shea Butter

For extra care, shea butter is the best product for every variety of skin during winter. It keeps the skin supple regardless of the temperature conditions and nourishes the skin with its Vitamin E elements. Opt for the Unrefined African Shea Butter to take care of your skin during winters.

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Foot Cream

Cracks along the heels are a common problem during the winters. The best way to prevent them from appearing will be to opt for hydrating foot cream, much like the Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream.

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Hand Cream

Hands get severely affected by the harsh winter winds as they remain exposed to the weather conditions all day long. Therefore, protecting your hands from the chill bites of winter is important. You can depend on Kama Ayurveda Hand Cream to keep the marks of winter away from your hands.

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