Best Christmas Decoratives to Buy in 2019

By December 6, 2019Explore India

Christmas season is officially in! It is time to prepare for the Christmas holidays and celebrations galore.

Many of you may be wondering what is new this season.

Well, you can try some incredibly creative ideas to celebrate Christmas in a different way.

Without wasting much time, let us give you the top 10 decorative items to have this Christmas 2019.


Copper String LED Lights

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Fairy lights are adorable. They not only look attractive but can be useful too. You can place them anywhere, in any style, to see the difference it makes. It is the ideal lighting option for decoration for Christmas and other festivals. You can hang it on to the curtain or keep it in a vase, as you like.

Christmas Swag

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Christmas swags set the right mood for festivities. The bright red flowers and green pine ridges make a beautiful combination. You can place it near the tree or even on the table.

Glimmer Lighting Green Leaf Garland with LED Rice Light

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The look of this LED light enabled garland says it all. It looks beautiful and adds an elegant touch to the Christmas décor of your home. It is delicate, contains copper wire with tiny LED lights in warm white color, which makes the garland glow. It generates low heat, saves energy, and is eco-friendly too.

Set of Candles

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These cute and impressive sets of blue candles adorn your dining table or coffee table. It comes with a candle stand made of a density board with classy embellishments.

Cardboard Snowflakes

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To add a touch of snowfall to your Christmas décor, you can use these beautiful cardboard snowflakes. Hang them from the ceiling to lend an elegant touch to the decorations.

Tree Cast Iron Reindeer Shaped Tealight Holder

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Your table should look elegant, with bright colors and light. These woodland reindeer tea light holders are perfect for side tables, buffet tables, and anywhere else. It adds a classy touch and sets the ambiance for Christmas too. Its simplistic design would remind of the aesthetics of light holders.

Christmas Cloth Doll Hanging Ornaments

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Hanging dolls are trendy Christmas decorations in this season. You can grab these cloth dolls and hang them anywhere you like. They look cute and lend a perfect feel to the ambiance of your home.

Christmas Wreath

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Keep it on the floor, near the Christmas tree and gifts, or place it anywhere near the decorations you have done – wreaths never fail to impress. You can use several wreaths for Christmas decorations to welcome good fortune to your home.

Christmas Chair Covers in Red and White

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Aren’t these apt for Christmas day?

These chair covers resemble Christmas caps and add to the decorations of your home. Give your dining chairs a new look with these beautiful Christmas themed chair covers. Wine and dine in a perfectly lit ambiance this Christmas with colors, snow, and pine trees spread all over your home.

Christmas Lanterns

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These battery-operated Christmas lanterns are beautiful and elegant. These unique matte finish lanterns bring back the ancient feel of the classical era. This gorgeous decorative item could find a place in the bookshelf, like a table centerpiece, in your bedroom, or near the fireplace. The LED lights inside the glittering globe light up the house instantly and create the festive scene.

Wooden Christmas Crib

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Beautifully designed, this petite Christmas crib set can set up the mood in minutes. It is easy to assemble. You can add it as a decorative piece in front of the large Christmas tree. You may also decorate it with yellow and green grass, wreaths, and many other decorative items. Bring your Christmas fable to life with this wooden Christmas crib.

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