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International Shipping Service – How to use 1GrandTrunk

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Shopping internationally is not as simple as shopping from a domestic website. There are several aspects that need to be considered before shopping online on international websites. Websites like 1GrandTrunk make your shopping economical by helping you save big bucks on shipping charges and by providing free address of particular country which makes you shop like a local. Here is a list of things that will guide you through the entire shopping & shipping process and help you use 1GrandTrunk.


Register now and get your own local address in USA, China and India by prepayment of 5$ which will be again credited towards the first shipment. It is like having our own personal mail room to receive, consolidate and ship your packages in 3 countries for free. You can save up to 50% in shipping costs.


Shop ANY online stores in USA, China or India and use the address we had provided you as the shipping address.


Before placing an order, you need to understand that your billing address will be different from your shipping address, and you might have to call the merchant to confirm your order.


There have been cases when if the billing address is different from shipping address or if the billing address is from a high-risk country, the merchant cancels the order even after the payment has been made. To avoid such situations, it is recommended that the buyer calls the merchant to confirm their order.


We will receive the packages for you and store the package for free upto 4 weeks. If required, we can consolidate them into one or more packages.


You can get an estimated cost using the shipping calculator on the website. Investigate the various shipping options that are available on the 1GrandTrunk website. The website has different carriers based on the type of parcel and delivery speed.

However, it does not include taxes and customs duty that will be levied on your shipment. Shipping cost is based on the carrier and type of service that you select.


Know all about the taxes and customs duties that are imposed on different products that you are ordering. You can visit our country guides  to know more


Visit our country guides  page to know regarding the items which are prohibited.

We do not ship items that are considered hazardous, offensive, restricted or prohibited.


Once the carrier is selected and payment has been done, We will consolidate the package and ship it to your address. We will also provide the tracking no. for the shipment . You will be able to track the package right to your door.

1GrandTrunk is on a mission to simplify international shopping experience. The best part is it also a package consolidation service, which consolidates your packages and minimises your shipping cost. So no matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured that your packages are in the hands of the best package forwarding service available. So go ahead, shop like a local!

Sign-up now! Happy international shopping economical shipping to you.


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