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A rugged camera is a good accessory to have if you like to capture and record all your outdoor escapades. Rugged cameras can withstand drops, shocks and extreme temperature. But what if you want to click some good snaps in the deep sea? You wouldn’t want to miss out on capturing all the aquatic adventures, right? Thankfully there is a thriving market for cameras designed specifically for underwater photography. Some cameras will be fine with a splash of water while others would be able to handle scuba dives and even underwater wedding photo shoots!

Whether you’re snorkeling, diving or simply looking for a camera to shoot your next rafting adventure, these cameras are perfect to capture your adventure. Read More

Debunking International Shipping Myths

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When it comes to shipping internationally, there are many myths about the cost of shipping, risks involved, customs, etc. While factors like the difference in shipping costs as compared to domestic shipping & customs duties exist, the myths around them are not necessarily true. We bust some of the myths around international shipping to make your international shopping experience better.

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Why Should You Choose Package Consolidation Services?

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Do you remember going to the market or a mall and coming back carrying multiple shopping bags? Then you must recall your mom helping you combine your shopping package to make it easier to carry.

Package Consolidation Services

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1GrandTrunk lets you do that with the packages that you order online. When you shop online at multiple international websites, the shipping charges can burn a huge hole in your pockets. With consolidated package forwarding services, you can combine your shipping bills too. Instead of paying multiple shipping charges, pay just one. Read More

5 Footcare Products You Need To Own For Soft Feet

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Your feet are mostly tucked away throughout the day. They are susceptible to irritation, fungal infections, & even blisters. You spend hours running around and while you take care of your face and skin, feet aren’t given any attention. While foot spa is an indulgence, we bring to you everyday essentials you need to have for healthy, smooth feet. Read to know more.

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8 Indian Ethnic Wear Brands You Need To Have

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The sheer beauty of the saree has captured the attention of both men & women across the globe. However, there’s more to Indian ethnic wear than just the 6-yard wonder. Kurtas, anarkalis, long skirts, & lehengas add lots of charm and glitter to anyone who wears them. We bring to you the top 7 Indian ethnic wear brands you need to shop from to spruce up your wardrobe.

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5 IoT Enabled products You Need For Your Home

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We are in an era where smart technology has taken over the way we work, cook, watch TV, & play games. The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed our lives by making them faster and more efficient. Our homes have become smart too. With the advent of home automation and smart assistants developed by Apple, Amazon & Google that have taken over our lives, the IoT has really been a boon to our lives. We have listed down the 5 must-have IoT products you need for your smart home. Let’s have a look.

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5 Top Indian Handbag Brands You Should Totally Own

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Accessories complete any look. A handbag is not just an essential but a must-have accessory that enhances the style quotient. Today, women are spoilt for choice with an array of brands. There are new, trendy brands making a mark in the Indian market while the reigning brands are innovating their handbags to suit the modern woman’s taste – sling bag, clutch, tote, satchel, shoulder bag – you name it. We have compiled a list of 5 Indian handbag brands you need to shop for. Let’s have a look.

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Happy Mother’s Day: 10 Gift Ideas for Your Mom

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“Mom” is not just a word, it is a feeling, a feeling of warmth and home. Your mother is certainly the most important person in your life. From being your first teacher to your closest friend, she has always been there for you and strives to make you a better person. With Mother’s Day around the corner, you must buy her a gift that she can cherish and feel connected. With this gift guide, buy your mom the perfect gift that suits her personality.

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