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A Journey Without A Travel With These Must Read Books

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Have you ever wondered how by just staying at home you could travel time? Travel to the unknown? Travel without a journey?

Have you ever noticed that when you read you not only learn about the “everything new” in the book but also move with it in your imagination? And then comes the point when you and your book are on the same page.

Well, you don’t just get to visualize the places but also live the instances so described by the author. Here I have a few books that will not only make you curl in the bed of curiosity but will also walk you through an eon full of mysterious realities and history.

The Outsider

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Published in January 1970, Stephen King has managed to create an eerie breeze of fear and mystery, where a violated corpse of an eleven-year-old boy is found in a town park. All the eyewitnesses and evidence point to, Terry Maitland. He, an English teacher, little league coach, husband and father of two has been ordered for a quick arrest.  But Terry Maitland seems to be a nice guy, so has he just been pretending to be nice?  The answers will shake you. Read the book to know what happens next?

Happiness Falls

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An extremely frustrated young man drowned in debt finds a little red book in a park. Reading that book alters his reality forever. Know how it transformed and made him a renowned world billionaire by simply ordering it.

A History of Roman Literature: From the Earliest Period to the Death of Marcus  Aurelius

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This book takes you back to a time way before 1923. Originally published in 1877, Charles Thomas Cruttwell has tried to preserve the work, and reproduce it to make us know more about how things were back then. So if you have an inclination towards history, you can plan your week reading it.

Literature and the Environment: a reader on Nature and Culture

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It is a multi-genre anthology that explores your relationship with nature. It includes early writers like John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, and Mary Austin. The authors Lorraine Anderson, Scott Slovic, John P. O’Grady, have gracefully proved how literature can play a role in shaping a culture responsive to environmental realities.

The Ragged Edge Of Night

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The story revolves around the life of Franciscan friar Anton Starzmann, who relocates to a small German village after his school is seized by the Nazis where he meets Elisabeth Herter; a widow wants to get married to a man who can help raise her three kids. To avenge what happened to his students in school, he joins the army of shadows, Red Orchestra who have been conspiring to assassinate Hitler. But if SS discovers he will have to give up on his life, on his family. Get the book today, to know what happens next.

Our life too is like these books, a mixture of all genres. Reading them makes us feel more alive and helps us in taking a break from the everyday monotony. Read more, read often, travel the world with your books. Order them today with a hassle-free shipping by 1GrandTrunk.

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