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ORIGINS OR HIMALAYA What’s your type?

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Welcome to #YourKindaBrand – a series of posts dedicated to helping you find brands and labels that are similar to the ones you already love and adore. With titbits of history, mystery, and similarities, we run you through a few facets of two relatable brands; thereby introducing you to what might be your new favorite shopping portal. Sounds good? Let’s get started! Here’s the 5th post of #YourKindaBrand series.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in”- by Jim Rohn

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Whether you are a beauty, health, or a wellness enthusiast, the need for quality products is ubiquitous.  From exfoliating your skin to moisturizing it to using the right products, all of us need a brand that we can trust for our skin. Here are two brands that swear by organic & natural ingredients that are perfect for many skin types – Himalaya & Origins. Read More


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We can now establish the fact that online shopping is therapeutic and convenient at the same time. It started with shopping from domestic websites, but of late more and more people have started shopping from international websites. There can be several reasons for this – to get a slice of one’s own country, to get latest fashion trends that are still to reach your country, to own brands that aren’t available in your country, or to taste flavours from a different country.

Free US Address

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10 Desi Toys that reflect the India that we grew up in

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The greatest stories that have ever been recounted don’t ever start with “Once Upon a time”. Or, “So I walked Into a Bar” for that matter. They always have, and always will start with “When I was a kid…”, “Back in those days…”, “I remember that time when …”. But you already knew that, didn’t you? You don’t need someone to remind just how great your childhood was as an Indian kid.

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Get that ethnic punjabi look going for the festive season

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The Rangoli is done to perfection, with colours & flower petals, just the way it should be. The lights are out and twinkling, the candles & diyas waiting to be lit. The sweetmeats are already bought and kept in the fridge. Indian sweets of course, because that’s how you celebrated festivals back in India, and that’s the only way you want to do it. For you can take the Indian out India, but never India out of the Indian!
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