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A One-Stop Shop For Indian Handicrafts

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Whether you are an avid collector of goodies from different parts of the world or just a fan of all things Indian, this online handicraft boutique of India is just for you. Craftsvilla is the hub of everything from traditional Indian apparel to ethnic wall-art and terracotta vases. The food, the clothes, the decorative items, the little things of India and 1GrandTrunk promises to bring you all this to your home, at considerably lower shipping costs. But what all handicrafts does Craftsvilla exactly have?

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WHY TO CHOOSE 1GRANDTRUNK E-Shopping From Overseas?
Just 1GrandTrunk IT!

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A guide for using 1GrandTrunk for the best international shipping experience
shopping with 1GrandTrunk
“Hey, I heard you were going to the USA. Could you bring me the latest iPhone? I’ve heard it’s cheaper there”.
“There’s a designer hand bag that I really want to get my hands on. But I am not too sure if I want to pay so much for shipping. I’ll wait for someone to make a trip.”.
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10 Desi Toys that reflect the India that we grew up in

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The greatest stories that have ever been recounted don’t ever start with “Once Upon a time”. Or, “So I walked Into a Bar” for that matter. They always have, and always will start with “When I was a kid…”, “Back in those days…”, “I remember that time when …”. But you already knew that, didn’t you? You don’t need someone to remind just how great your childhood was as an Indian kid.

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Get that ethnic punjabi look going for the festive season

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The Rangoli is done to perfection, with colours & flower petals, just the way it should be. The lights are out and twinkling, the candles & diyas waiting to be lit. The sweetmeats are already bought and kept in the fridge. Indian sweets of course, because that’s how you celebrated festivals back in India, and that’s the only way you want to do it. For you can take the Indian out India, but never India out of the Indian!
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