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Tools every artist would love to have

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Nature in itself is a work of art, so is the mind; and when both combine, they manifest the whole universe within a canvas. Such is an artist’s capability.

Never undermine a person’s tenacity to create something that hasn’t been thought of before, the mind is a unique storm of ideas waiting to be unleashed upon with a stroke of paint.

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Trendy Winter Wear for Him & Her

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Just because it is chilling cold outside does not mean you cannot dress in style as you did during the summer and look just as fashionable! While it is enticing to throw on a puffy coat and walk around looking like a mammoth marshmallow, take cues from these trendy winter wear ideas for him and her. Know how to dress for the winter while still looking modish as hell.

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5 USA Websites to Explore for Luxury Apparel & Bags

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I’m a foodie and fashion blogger at The Shopaholic Diaries lives by the simple motto “Follow Your Dreams”. Through my blog, I share my love for shopping, fashion, beauty and style with fellow fashionistas. I believe that everyone should be able to express their personal style, no matter what size they are – that’s why I run on my blog – Curvy Style Guide series – to motivate and inspire curvy fashionistas to follow latest trends and styles.

Shopping online has become easier and more fun than ever before. I have always preferred to do online shopping as a lot of brands have started offering online-only product lines and discounts that you can’t find in the stores. Also, it has become easy to compare the prices of the same product online on different web stores and then getting the best offer.

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Memorial Day SALE 2018 – List

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Memorial day is an American holiday, celebrated annually on the last Monday of May. This is the perfect time for family gathering, sharing and remembering. Memorial Day is traditionally seen as the start of the summer season for cultural events. In honor of this occasion, many stores offer great discounts on summer goods (clothes, shoes, home improvement items, camping equipment, pool floats etc).

Most of Memorial Day sales 2018 will launch earlier. Check out daily so you will not miss the best deals on everything you want this summer!

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Guide to Men’s Beachwear Essentials

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After watching the many reruns of Baywatch, one can only contemplate on pulling off that reel-look in real life! Especially the men-folk, because with all due respect, not everyone can become Dwayne Johnson or Zac Effron. So how can the men manage to impress in their beachwear?

A single rule does not apply here. The trick is in working your fashion preference into your beachwear. Here are some ways to style yourself on the beach and rock it!

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Your Guide To The Biggest Shopping Days in the USA

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Looking for some great deals when you shop from the USA? Here’s the ready reckoner of the best days for shopping in USA when you can save big on quality products.

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1. New Year’s Day ( 1st January)

As retailers & E-Commerce sites want to clear their pre-holiday stock, the first day of the year is a wonderful time to shop for winter wear & exercise equipment.

2. President’s Day (3rd Monday of February)

With stores gearing up for their spring collection, you can score high discounts on appliances, winter clothing, & furniture. Read More

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