About Us

About Us

1GrandTrunk, pronounced One Grand Trunk or simply 1GT, is an international package forwarding service that specializes in fulfillment and parcel delivery. Our stellar service enables shoppers to buy products from all over the world, and save time and money getting them delivered directly to their door. With warehouses located in The USA, India and China, we are able to reach all four corners of the globe swiftly and easily.

As for us, we are a bunch of optimists who want to make global shopping easier. Although we are the new consolidation company about town, we have been in the business of international warehousing and shipping since 2011. And we have learned the most efficient and transparent ways to move a package from one corner of the globe to another.

We promise to provide you with transparent pricing, warm and prompt customer service and efficient delivery of your packages. So no matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured that your packages are in the hands of the best package forwarding service available. So go ahead, shop like a local!

Whats Behind The Name

The inspiration for our name, 1GrandTrunk, comes from the legendary Grand Trunk Road, which, like the Silk Road, was used as an ancient trade route between India and Central Asia. The name is also a play on words as ‘Trunk’ can also mean a box. And since we merge all your shopping items in one box, we expect this box to be “One Grand Trunk”.

We want 1GrandTrunk.com to be like the Grand Trunk Road of the modern world. As international online shopping has increased tenfold over the last decade, we feel it’s important that people are able to purchase items from anywhere in the world, without having the hassle of arranging multiple international deliveries and expensive shipping charges. We make it easy for you to shop globally by providing you with your own personal addresses in India, the USA and China , Europe. Giving you the freedom to buy the latest fashion, get that amazing deal, or maybe even use it to get a taste of your home country, our warehouses act as your own personal mail room.

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