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Bollywood fashion to follow 2019

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When it comes to ethnic wear, the thought itself brings about such a plethora of rich and vibrant colors to our minds, weaving together and oozing a royal vibe, it can be just felt from within, and “Bollywood fashion” is no less of a contender when it comes to the Global market, even designers abroad have been fascinated by sarees, lehenga cholis, sherwanis and more of such magnanimous pieces of attire that Indians have adorned for centuries.

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1GrandTrunk knows how important it is to help our fashionistas in any way we can, providing you with only the best of fashion that endures your parties and weddings, yet still making you look royal and elegant, nonetheless.

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Tools every artist would love to have

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Nature in itself is a work of art, so is the mind; and when both combine, they manifest the whole universe within a canvas. Such is an artist’s capability.

Never undermine a person’s tenacity to create something that hasn’t been thought of before, the mind is a unique storm of ideas waiting to be unleashed upon with a stroke of paint.

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Mini Laptops, Mega Performance – The Best Five

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They are handy, portable and can be your best companion if you’re working on the go. But there’s more to mini laptops than just these qualities. They have an impressive battery life, a strong build, and fast processors. Looking for popular mini laptops in the market? We have compiled a list of them just for you. Read on to know more about their best features and buy the ideal one.

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