How it works

How it works


Once you sign up, you will be given a personalized local address in the USA, China and India by prepayment of 5$ which will be again credited towards the first shipment.Please note that the payment name and the name in our account should match. If they do not match, we cannot receive your packages. You will also have exclusive access to our member-only deals and our personal shopper services.


You are then free to shop online at all your favorite stores. You can shop anywhere online in USA, India or China including Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Myntra,  Jabong, LimeRoad, TaoBao, etc. When at the check-out, simply enter your personalized 1GrandTrunk address as the shipping address.Obviously use the address that is in the country you are ordering from. So if you are ordering from a US website for example, you will need to enter your 1GrandTrunk address in US. The same applies to shopping in India.We will send you an email as soon as your package has arrived at our warehouse.
Did you know? – Domestic shipping is usually free. So you will only pay for shipping costs from our warehouse to you.
Assisted Purchase
If you don’t have a payment card that is accepted in China/USA/India but would like to buy the product, simply send us the details of the product you would like to purchase, and we will do the rest for you. More details can be found here.


If you’ve purchased items from various websites and would like us to wait until all your items have arrived, just let us know. We will store your items for free (up to 1 month) and we will send all your items together. If you would like to see your items before they are send on, we can arrange for a photo of your items to be sent to you. We are also able to check for other features before they get shipped to you.
Did you know? – Almost all package carriers today use volumetric (or dimensional) weight over actual weight to calculate shipment cost.


We will estimate the shipping cost based on the carrier and type of service you select. You can also get a quick estimate of the shipping prices using our shipping calculator.
Simply pay 1GrandTrunk the shipping cost and the customs duty (if chosen), and the package will be shipped to you using the carrier of your choice along with a tracking number. You can either choose to pay the customs duty once your packages reach your country, or you can pre-pay the estimated customs duty.

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