Order Pricing

Our service cost is $2.99 per order. An order is defined as one shipping bill. So regardless of there are 2 or 5 items in the box, it is still only $2.99

Shipping Costs

You can use our shipping calculator to get an estimate of the shipping cost. You can save more than 50% off regular shipping costs

Storage Costs

We offer the first 4 weeks of storage for free. After that we will charge $10/week. Please note that the maximum weight we can accept is 20lbs per item and maximum dimension no larger than 4

Customs and
Other Duties

We do offer an option to pre-pay customs taxes and duty. But they are an estimate and extra could be charged based on the destination country’s customs law. We recommend that you pay it yourself directly

Other Costs

Package photo is $0.99 and local return service is $2.99

Assisted Purchase
Service Costs

If your credit card is not accepted by international online retailers, we can help you to purchase the product. We charge 5% of the purchase price or $5 whichever is higher.

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