Our goal when we started the company was to enable both customer and merchants to shop and ship internationally. It enables merchants to reach and sell to international customers that may not have been possible while at the same time giving customers affordable access to shop from merchants. Unfortunately, some people try to take advantage of our operations and commit payment fraud.
We take fraud very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy. It affect both our services to other and costs us valuable resources. If we suspect customers or packages of fraud we will refuse acceptance of package and/or return the package to merchant. Some example of where you packages might be suspected of fraud payment is
  • If the Receiving and Shipping names in your suite not matching will require additional proof.
  • Merchant reporting your package was purchased with fraudulent card
  • Packages will be rejected and sent back to sender if any other packages in your suite have been suspected of fraud.
  • We do not accept any postal. Our address can only be used to accept packages.
Any Merchants who suspect that they are victims of payment fraud, and want your packages back can contact our local offices and/or email us at customercare@1grandtrunnk.com with tracking number and your contact info for us to return your packages.
For more info on our policies please see our Terms and Conditions.