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International shipping facility is an added advantage for every e-commerce website. A worldwide fulfillment service not just expands your business overseas but also attracts new customers. Our global shopping services make sure there are increased opportunities to make a sale. When a customer can shop from your website and add it to a certain package that is already being shipped, it wouldn’t cost the customer extra charges. This naturally accelerates sales. We cut the risk of fraudulent charges, extra processing fee from banks and complicated customs paperwork for you to experience easy and risk-free global shipping. We take care of all this saving you time and money. Worried about missed sales? Not with our assistance. If you don’t accept foreign credit cards from customers and the latter doesn’t have the card you take receipt of, we can purchase on behalf of the customer from the website. Thus, no more losing out on sales due to lack of international payments.

How Does Global Shipping Help Your Customer?

Our matchless global shipping ultimately results in great customer satisfaction. We purchase, store and ship orders to your business. But how does our service help your customers? Here’s how. We provide international shipping consolidation for orders from India, China and the USA. This reduces the total shipping cost of the orders. We provide the most efficient order tracking. The orders can be tracked by the tracking number from anywhere around the world so that the customers don’t need to worry about their orders getting missed. We have no warehouse or packing charges on out package consolidation services. When your customers place several orders, we store them in our warehouse, free of cost for a limited period of time and consolidate them into a single package for shipping.

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