Assisted Purchase

assisted purchase
Assisted Purchase

Assisted Purchase is a service we provide for our customers who want to shop from India or USA but do not have a valid credit card or face no international shipping options or high shipping costs. If you already have a payment option that works, and just need to use our shipping service please go to this page for more information.

It is like having your own personal shopper in India and USA. We give you two options to let us know what you want to purchase.

Option 1 – Email us the product URL or a picture

Browse your favorite stores for the products you are looking to buy. Once you found what you are looking for you can send us an email to [email protected] with the URL (fancy speak for the website address shown in your browser) of the products you like to buy.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of browsing online to find the URL, you can email us  the picture of the item you want us to buy.

Option 2 – Register and use form (Recommended option)

Once you have registered for our service, navigate to the tab “Assisted Purchase” and fill the form with the details of the product you want to purchase. You can also choose to upload a picture instead of filling the form.

Once we receive your request we will get back to you with the final purchase price of the product in US Dollars along the various shipping options we have available. You can choose the shipping option that best fits your budget.

If you decide to go forward with the purchase, we will send you an invoice for for the product price, fees, taxes and shipping costs. You can choose to pay us with the payment option of your choice like credit/ debit cards or Paypal.

After we receive you payment, we will immediately place the order. Once the order is received in our warehouse, we will automatically ship it to your address using the shipping carrier you have selected. You can track the order through our website or by contacting our customer service.