Hello Singapore! Are you looking to purchase something from USA, 1GrandTrunk can help you make that happen. 1GrandTrunk can help you shop your favorite US brands from US Online Stores and ship it to your home address in Singapore at nominal prices. With 1GrandTrunk, if you ship more from USA to Singapore, you save more.

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Approximate parcel shipping & delivery time from USA to Singapore

Estimated time of delivery from our USA warehouse to Singapore doesn’t include any delays caused by customs.

Express: 3 – 5 days
Economy: 10 to 12 days
Postal: 21 days

All services come with a tracking number.

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Shop from USA and get your orders delivered at your door step anywhere in Singapore

1Grandtrunk assists your purchase in case if you don’t have International cards and ships your Valuable US  products at your door step wherever you are in Singapore.

Here is the list of some important cities in Singapore,

  • Singapore City
  • Pula Punggol Barat
  • Paradise Island
  • Pulau Berkas
  • Pulau Biola (Violin Island)
  • Pulau Subar Laut
  • Pedra Brance
  • Pulau Bajau
  • Pulau Bukom Kechi
  • Pulau Buloh
  • Japanese Garden
  • Treasure Island
  • Pulau Busing
  • Pulau Brani
  • Jurong Island
  • Pulau Hantu
  • Pulau Jong
  • St. John’s Island
  • Lazaurus Island
  • Chinese Garden
  • Pulau Sentosa
  • Pearl Island
  • Pedra Blanca
  • Pulau Tekong
  • Pulau Anak Bukum
  • Pulau Subar Darat
  • Pulau Ubin
  • Pulau Buaya
  • Coral Island


No matter where you live, We deliver to all Cities in Singapore. Don’t worry if your city is not listed above



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Singapore is duty free except for such products as automobiles, gasoline, tobacco and alcohol. The deminimis value is SGD400. Please note that customs duties, rules, and regulations are subject to change. For the latest information on import duties, taxes, rules and regualtions visit –

Please note that customs duties, rules, and regulations are subject to change. For the latest information on duties, taxes, rules and regulations, please check with the Customs department.Though we try our best to keep the information valid, we take no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability and correctness of any information.

Shipping restrictions from USA to Singapore

We do not ship items that are considered hazardous, offensive, restricted or prohibited and we will strictly follow all export control laws of USA and import restrictions of the Singapore.

Some items cannot be delivered to Singapore, Including:

  • All items subjected to Export Control by the respective warehouse’s origin country
  • All items subjected to Import restrictions by transit or destination countries
  • Hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA Regulations)
  • Flammable liquids/solids, Oxidizing substances
  • Toxic/infectious substances including Rat Poisons, Pesticides, etc.
  • Radioactive material
  • Corrosive like cleaning fluids
  • Electronics that require Export licenses like Radars, Sonars, Telecom equipment, etc
  • Live or dead animals
  • Hunting (Animal) trophies, animal parts such as ivory, skins, and sharks fin, animal remains, or Animal-by-Products and More


For Complete information on list of items we don’t ship, visit Singapore Government website on this link “Prohibited Items list


Import restrictions for Singapore by our shipping partners



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