Best Chocolates In The World From The USA

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Craving for chocolate? Try these straight from the USA!

“Chocolate is cheaper than therapy. And, you don’t need an appointment.” – Anonymous

When someone talks about the best chocolates, usually the name of Belgian and Swiss chocolates comes out on top.  But,here we are going to talk about some mouthwatering chocolate delicacies that come from the land of opportunities i.e., The United States of America.

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So, without wasting too much time let us have a look at those top few options –


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One of the biggest names in the chocolate market in the US, Vosges Haute Chocolate started its journey in the year 1997. Known for its chocolate bars and truffles, the company is known for its inspiring chocolates, which it claims to gather from farthest reaches of the earth. Their exciting flavors like sugar bacon bar, tart cherry bar, African red tea and more are some of the most exciting flavors you can ever expect to try in the chocolate industry. Click here to buy it.

Theo Chocolate

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The second name that comes to the list is someone that believes in not just offering the best flavor in chocolate, but at the same time conserving the environment as well. Known for their GMO–free products, the company values its social responsibility while maintaining attention to detail and delivering a sensational chocolate flavor. Try the chocolate once, and you are going to certainly fall in love with the flavor. Click here to buy it.


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If you move towards the American west side, one of the most famous chocolates available is Amano. The company came into inception in 2007 and has been growing strong since then. Today it is rated amongst the best when it comes to top quality chocolates in the United States. The standout thing is the cocoa for echolocating used by these chocolatiers comes from all over the world i.e. countries like Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and what not. Click here to buy it.


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The next name on the list comes from Seattle. Chocolopolis is known for its exclusive and impressive collection of craft chocolate from around the world. Some of the exciting combinations you can try from these chocolate manufactures include their dark orchard bar with hazelnuts, dried cherries and blueberries, vanilla sea salt and similar other outrageous choices. If you can imagine something in regard to chocolate, you can be sure to get it here with chocolopolis. Click here to buy it.

FIKA Chocolate

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The next name we have for you is FIKA. Skilled craftsmen working to bring for you the best chocolate flavors you can ever expect to get, FIKA has their entire menu built from scratch. The stand out thing is that everything you get as part of the chocolate from FIKA is created in-house. So, you can rest assured about the quality factor. Give it a try once, and you are certainly going to cherish having made this choice. Click here to buy it.


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Last, but not the last name on the list is of Ghirardelli. If you love intense chocolate bars, then this is just the perfect option for you. Available in quite a number of options like mini chocolates, bars, caramel squares and what not – you can eventually enjoy delicious chocolates that you would have never had before. Click here to buy it.

This sums up the list of top chocolates in the world coming from the USA. Give them a try and you will get to see what you have been missing out.

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