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Assisted Purchase Services

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Think of us as your company’s personal shopper in India, China, The USA and Europe. Are you looking to buy items from the US, China, India and Europe regularly and ship them to your customers? Our Assisted Purchase Services can help your operations run smooth. We give you two options to let us know what you want to purchase. If you’re planning on buying an array of products in bulk from India, The USA, China or Europe, we provide you with complete buying and purchasing services including inspection of the products. This is to ensure the quality and accuracy of the quantity. We do a thorough search for defects to before they are exported to confirm 100% superiority of the products. If you decide to go forward with the purchase, we will send you an invoice for the product price, fees, taxes and shipping costs. You can choose to pay us with the payment option of your choices like credit/ debit cards or PayPal. If you’re looking to buy products for your business from India, USA, China or Europe but do not have a valid company credit card that works abroad, we’re here to help. If you already have a payment option that works, then just contact us for our shipping services only. Face no international shipping or high shipping costs. Once we receive your request we will get back to you with the final purchase price of the product in US Dollars along with the various shipping options we have available. You can choose the shipping option that best fits your budget.

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