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Nature in itself is a work of art, so is the mind; and when both combine, they manifest the whole universe within a canvas. Such is an artist’s capability.

Never undermine a person’s tenacity to create something that hasn’t been thought of before, the mind is a unique storm of ideas waiting to be unleashed upon with a stroke of paint.

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It is true that an artist’s skill is not in one’s tools but their minds, and so forth for the author who doesn’t rely on an expensive tool for creating a masterpiece. Even so, a good tool increases the ease of work for the artist in their process of birthing a phenomenal perception of what they observe and reflect.

Here are some accessories every artist would love to have: –

Drawing Pencils

The foundation of all art starts from here, sketching paves a way to good art and it is only reasonable to possess the best of these tools.


Good art is always appreciated when it has a permanent place, keep your portfolio with you anywhere you go.

Quality Drawing Surfaces

Quality surfaces that do not age over time due to chemicals and that are differentiated using the texture of the surface is very important in buying the right material.

Charcoal Pads

are useful for monochromatic artwork that can symbolize anything from melancholy to an ageless time.

Acid-free sheets are ageless and don’t fade over time.


Kneaded Eraser

This eraser lifts material from the canvas, instead of using friction to extract it.  It can be pulled and fashioned into different forms to create specific marks.  This eraser gets stained over time but can be cleaned by pulling and “kneading” it.

Gum Eraser

This eraser is great for removing material from surfaces that are prone to tearing.  A gum eraser removes the material through friction but crumbles as it does so –thereby preserving the surface.

Pencil Sharpener

Using a poor quality sharpener can put you without a pencil in a matter of moments. Pencils need to be sharpened with a quality pencil sharpener and fast.

There are manual sharpeners too, but they take up time and the blades don’t last that long if you are busy with perfecting your work, they are affordable for the time being but costly in the long run, although they work best for colored pencils.

Artwork Storage

Your creations are valuable, even the ones that are personal to you, and would like to keep them away from prying eyes. They need to be treated with the utmost care and stored in such a manner that will preserve them.

The rigidity of the material and size matters in storing your artwork properly because it is essential that it doesn’t get bent and torn up on the sides.

Art Material Storage

It is the most basic thing when it comes to keeping all your brushes and accessories organized and neat, such that nothing gets messed up or lost, to keep the items in a rolling storage cart is a permanent solution that can be kept in your room.

We at 1GrandTrunk know how valuable some tools can be, to the aspiring artists out there who need quality items to create their masterpieces. We provide international shipping and also consolidate your packages so that you receive your orders (all-in-one package) at your doorstep.

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