Top 7 Organic Skin Care and Beauty Brands of India

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India is a country known for a lot of things. The land of culture and festivities, of Bollywood and spirituality and of food and the Taj Mahal. Some also call it as the birthplace of Zero. But of all the stereotypes, the one that has taken nearly 3000 years to catch on is India – the land of Ayurveda.

India has always been a country that has sworn by the adage, “Keep your friends close, and your farmers closer”. It’s always been a society that’s looked towards its bountiful herbs, spices, and shrubs to make fantastic chemical-free products. But somehow, it all got lost with the advent of the industrial age and all its chemicals. Ayurveda became India’s sleeping giant.

Thankfully, not for long though. With a growing push for less harmful cosmetics & healthcare, the wonders of Ayurveda were rediscovered and given a slightly different name – organic brands. The world’s focus has shifted towards products that are only made from harmless organic materials. What better place to find all of that than in India? With expertise that stretches back over centuries, there’s no surprise that some of the biggest organic brands call India their home. But does one bring all these products back to your home? Let 1GrandTrunk take care of that. Meanwhile, you can read about all the biggest organic brands in India.

Khadi Natural

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Paraben is one of the most commonly used preservatives in skin & hair care products. Though it extends the shelf-life of products, it has an opposite effect on human health, causing breast & skin cancer. Khadi Naturals is a brand that makes the finest cosmetics, all 100% paraben free and all 100% natural. After all, you deserve only the best. Buy here


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A skincare & cosmetics brand that rediscovers the goodness of Vedic recipes, just like in the good old days. Their product range boasts of authentic Indian cosmetics that make use of zero chemicals. Experience the goodness of nature in their eye-catching bottles that can make a fine gift as well. Buy here

Juicy Chemistry

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One look at their collection of organic cosmetics and you’ll think it’s a menu of some exotic Indian delicacies! That’s because Juicy Chemistry makes use of natural, edible ingredients to manufacture its products, ensuring that your cosmetics are as gentle as possible on your skin. Buy here


skin yoga
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Get yourself a full-body therapy, trapped inside a bottle. SkinYoga’s products are renowned for giving you the freshest cosmetic experience, without using harmful preservatives. No wonder they are in demand all across the world. With 1GrantTrunk, you too can get them, right at your doorstep. Buy here

Bon Organics

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Bon Organics isn’t just an organic products brand, they are storytellers who want to tell a tale of ethical practices mixed with the goodness of nature. Each of their products is made of only 100% biodegradable ingredients and manufactured with only the most ethical practices. No compromises on that! From food, laundry, skincare and even pet-care; they’ve got it all! Buy here


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A brand that promises to bring you the experience of heavenly pampering right here on earth; Nyassa is a favourite with the ladies. Its exotic line of organic products brings the best of Indian herbs together as a one-of-a-kind experience. Let 1GrandTrunk help you try them all out! Buy here

Organic Mill

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Coming straight from Chennai, Organic Mills promises to bottle all the rarest, natural ingredients into a range of the finest skin & hair care products. Their exciting lines has everything from skin toners, hair oils, scrubs, balms, and a whole lot more! Buy hereIf there’s a way to guarantee the authenticity of products, it’s by ensuring that you only buy from the original online stores of these organic brands of India. 1GrandTrunk’s discounted international shipping from India gives you that luxury to handpick products from India and ship to anywhere you want. Enjoy global shopping like never before with our package forwarding service. SignUp here.



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