WHY TO CHOOSE 1GRANDTRUNK E-Shopping From Overseas?
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A guide for using 1GrandTrunk for the best international shipping experience
shopping with 1GrandTrunk
“Hey, I heard you were going to the USA. Could you bring me the latest iPhone? I’ve heard it’s cheaper there”.
“There’s a designer hand bag that I really want to get my hands on. But I am not too sure if I want to pay so much for shipping. I’ll wait for someone to make a trip.”.

Sounds familiar? That’s because we all know this person. Perhaps, we’ve even all been this person. The person who loves to shop from abroad. The person who gets excited at the prospect of buying from all the overseas brands. And the same person who gets disheartened by all the hurdles that come in the way. Exorbitant shipping costs. International payment issues. Shipping availability. E-shopping across borders seems nothing less than an Olympic hurdle-race!
No wonder many shoppers are left dependent on trips abroad from friends & relatives to get all their overseas shopping done. When they said, “The world is a global village”, we’re pretty sure that this was not what had they in mind! But that’s all set to change with 1GrandTrunk! Forget easy shopping, we’ll make sure you shop like a local anywhere across the world as a package forwarding service. But how does 1GrandTrunk work exactly? Is it safe? Is it swift? How much money does one save? You’ll find all your answers up ahead.

The experience starts with the sign-up

First things first, you need to sign-up for 1GrandTrunk and become a member (it’s free!). You immediately get access to discounted shipping and personal shopping services. But most importantly, you get 1GrandTrunk’s local shopping addresses in both USA and India. The suite number that comes with the address is unique and assigned to just you. What does that mean? You’ll get to know that in a second.

Shop like a local!

International shipping prices can burn a big hole in your pocket. But what if we could cut these shipping prices by more than 50%? That’s where our local addresses come in. Say, you need to buy a bag from the USA and get it shipped to Saudi Arabia as a gift to a loved one. Instead of shipping it directly to yourself, you give the 1GrandTrunk USA address, and the bag gets delivered to our warehouse. Since shipping within the same country is usually free or negligible, you get the items delivered to our warehouse for almost free. And you could also take advantage of any deals that are available for domestic shipping addresses only. Once the bag reaches our warehouse you will be immediately notified via an email.

Shopping from different vendors? No problem

Why limit yourself to single purchases? Buy as many as you want, and even from multiple vendors. Earlier, buying from multiple vendors meant paying shipping costs for each purchase. But not with 1GrandTrunk! You can get all your purchases grouped at your local address and get them shipped together as one unit with our package consolidation service. Plus, there’s no monthly limit on how many times you want to get things shipped to your local address.

Shipping is the easiest part

We’ve got a host of leading courier brands like UPS, DHL, USPS, India Post and Indian couriers partnered up with us that ensure swift delivery at convenient prices & timelines. And these couriers come at discounted prices and with tracking numbers that you can use to track your packages. You can just pick the option that works best for you, and we will ship it directly to the address you provide us. (or say something like that handbag will be delivered to Saudi Arabia just in time)

Merchant doesn’t accept your card for payment?

But wait, how is the payment made? What if the handbag merchant doesn’t accept my credit or debit card? Again, no problem! Even if the merchant doesn’t have a provision for accepting international payments, we do. Our Assisted Purchase services allow you to buy products even if you don’t have an international credit/debit card. You can just tell us what you would like to buy from India or USA, and we will purchase it on your behalf for a small fee.

Shipping Calculator

Ready to hit the “Buy” button with the merchant? Hang on there’s one last thing you might be considering – pricing. Shipping fee can vary from product to product based on weight (and size in some cases). So, how to zero down on the shipping cost? Our Shipping Calculator will do that for you! Just feed in your shipment details and we’ll give you an accurate cost for it. No more uncertainties! Please note that Customs is extra and can vary from country to country unless you happen to live in a country that has no Customs duty up to a certain minimum value (lucky you!!). So, we recommend you check with your Country’s Customs department for import duty.
Still got a doubt? Go ahead and clear it by using the premium 1GrandTrunk services at less than premium prices. Get the local shopping experience of USA and India, no matter where you are located. No matter what, 1GrandTrunk makes your E-shopping from overseas easy. so, lets get started with 1GrandTrunk here.

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