Guide to Men’s Beachwear Essentials

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After watching the many reruns of Baywatch, one can only contemplate on pulling off that reel-look in real life! Especially the men-folk, because with all due respect, not everyone can become Dwayne Johnson or Zac Effron. So how can the men manage to impress in their beachwear?

A single rule does not apply here. The trick is in working your fashion preference into your beachwear. Here are some ways to style yourself on the beach and rock it!

Beachwear Shirts for men

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The first piece of advice is arguably the most stylish option as well. From prints to fresh colours and abstract looks, it’s basically your choice of shirt that can make or break your swimwear. The easiest and most basic style is a printed Hawaiian shirt. (It never goes out of style, does it?) But a more mature choice might be a floral or modern abstract print. It will help you shine out from the rest! Want help in choosing the best option for you? Log onto Dresslilly.

Beachwear Vests

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For the more adventurous, there are options aplenty. Think you have the body to show off? Trade your old school shirts for uber cool vests. Your world suddenly becomes sunny and bright, thanks to the millions of styles available to choose from! Find your pick here.

Beachwear Shorts for men

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With the shirts covered (or not, if you are a legend), we’ve got some advice when it comes to shorts. Now while the shirts and the vests may speak much about your general style, shorts can truly add to that look. The most preferred option is solid colored shorts. If you want to glam-up or try something different, we’d suggest stripes; natural or floral prints, and abstract styles. Find inspiration here.

Beachwear Shoes for men

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Done with the basics, are we? Let’s talk about serial styling. Many people avoid shoes or do not even consider shoes as an important beachwear accessory. But it matters! Shoes help complement and complete your beachwear. It can easily help you elevate your style statement, or bring your confidence down a notch if wrongly chosen. So, when it comes to shoes, pick something that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in. An alternative to wearing shoes all the time would be trying out sandals (Cool tan lines, anyone?). The coolest picks are here.

Beachwear Sunglasses for men

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Some men have dreamy eyes. For the rest, we recommend shades. Not only will it add a layer to your style, it will also help you protect your eyes from the (sometimes) harsh sun. The idea is to choose sunglasses based on your face size and shape. If you’re a little uncertain, remember that aviators will almost always work. You can find your pick here. Happy shopping!

Resort wear for men

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We know that you guys love the beach. But sometimes, just sometimes, don’t you just want to just lay in the pool all day with a cocktail of your choice? Here’s the thing – you cannot ignore what you wear. And with the uber-classy resorts popping up in the cities and coastlines, it’s only natural that you start paying attention to your ‘Resort wear’. Yes, that’s a new category and it’s taking the internet by storm! Tune in to island Company for inspiration.

Remember, whatever you choose to wear, you need to be absolutely comfortable in it. (The golden rule of styling). And it should be something that makes you feel good and confident. As we keep dolling out free advice to people, we sure hope it’s making their life (just a little bit) better. For more such life-changing revelations, you just need to sign up for free on the 1GrandTrunk, a package forwarding service and use our international shipping from USA services.

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