7 Cool Automobile Accessories You Need to Get in Gear!!

By November 22, 2017Explore India

Have you ever been caught off guard, thanks to a flat tire in the middle of the road? How many times has your mobile phone run out of charge while you were traveling? These stressful circumstances are usually a part of the drive.

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Fortunately, there are a number of practical devices designed to make your driving experience more convenient and comfortable. Let’s take a look.

1. Multi-charging USB

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Your mobile phone, your dad’s laptop, and your little brother’s power bank – what if everything runs out of charge at the same time? Rather than taking turns and deciding who needs to charge their device first, what if you could charge everything at the same time? And that’s where a USB with multiple charging outlets comes in. Lightweight and portable, a multiple charging USB outlet can save the day.
Price- Starting at INR 698. You can purchase this USB here.

2. Mobile Holder

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What if your phone could double up as a dashboard camera? What if you could check directions without getting distracted while driving? Now, you can with a basic mobile holder. The holder positions your phone at the center of the dashboard, making it easier to operate various functions without having to look down. This also allows you to change music, take or make a call, and video chat with your loved ones with ease.
Price- Starting at INR 146. You can purchase this mobile holder here.

3. Tire Repair Kit

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Have you ever been stranded in the middle of the road with a flat tire? The process of changing your tire or going to a garage can be very tedious. Thankfully, there’s a quick fix. Get a tire repair kit! Consisting a range of accessories, the kit helps you fix a leak on a punctured tire, inflate the tire, or even replace it with a Stepney – minus the hassle.
Price- Starting at INR 173. You can purchase this kit here.

4. Scratch Remover Pen

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There’s nothing more annoying than finding your ride, with a few extra scratches when you head back from work or after you’ve parked it for less than five minutes. These scratches are not just unpleasant to the eyes but if unattended, might also end up as rust patches on your vehicle. Well, not anymore. Get rid of these scratches with a scratch remover pen and ride out in style.
Price- Starting at INR 223. You can purchase this scratch remover pen here.

5. Drink Holder For Bikes

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Wanna drink your favorite beverage on the go? Buy a drink holder! The drink holder can be attached to the bike’s hand bar, crash bar or the grab bar. Simply position your cup and clamp down to affix it. And enjoy your steaming hot beverage as you ride.
Price- Starting at INR 298. You can purchase this drink holder for bikes here.

6. LED Shadow Laser Light (For Bikes Only)

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Remember those times when you were on a long drive in the dead of night? The roads were dimly-lit and your headlights weren’t exactly lighting up the path. It must have been hard – hard to drive & hard to park. But it didn’t have to be, if only you had a shadow laser light! The shadow laser light is attached to or to the headlights & greatly helps in increasing visibility, and thereby, your safety. These are also one of the most recent and hot selling bike accessories in the international market, so you might want want to get yourself one.
Starting at INR 498. You can purchase this LED laser light here.

And these are some of the coolest and most innovative car & bike accessories available! Add them to your cart & make your driving experience convenient, comfortable, and stylish. Worried about the delivery? We’ve got your logistics covered! Know more about 1GrandTrunk and Sign up for a free account now.

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