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How many New Year resolutions have you kept…for more than a week? If you haven’t made it to a week milestone- let alone a year- you are in need of some motivation.

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Yes! More than half resolutions fail every year. But this year, it doesn’t have to be yours. If you are keen on re-inventing yourself on 2018, here are some helpful products to stick to your New Year’s resolution for good. Let’s take a look.

  1. Nike band

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When the going gets tough, this band will help you to keep going. It enables you to track your goals and measure your progress. You can connect the Nike Fuel band to your smartphone and track the frequency and the intensity of your movements at all times. A nifty feature also allows you to compare your movements with your friends to keep you motivated. You can try package consolidation services to ship it at your place

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  1. Portable head massager

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Aspiring to be less stressed this New Year? When you don’t have your mom around to give you a good head massage, this portable head massager is your savior! This massager provides relief from minor headaches mostly caused due to stress. Enjoy worldwide consolidation services

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  1. Hydro flask/food flask

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Tired of eating from outside while on a drive? Now, savor your meals on the go with this food flask. You can now pack your food in this double-walled stainless-steel container to keep your hot foods hot & cold ones cold.

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  1. Pack it – Sports kit

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With this compact sports kit, you don’t need to carry an oversized gym bag anymore. This marvel has an antimicrobial treatment to keep smelly odors at bay. Worried about fitting it in your locker? The top handle makes hanging it in your cupboard or locker easier than ever.

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  1. Fitbit fitness watch

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Want to keep an eye on your fitness? Here’s a solution. A Fitbit fitness watch will track your daily steps, summarize workouts, and monitor heart rates. Download the Fitbit app on your phone and this will help you to keep a track of your calorie intake & sleep.

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  1. Mini cycle exercise bike

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Cycling is a popular cardiovascular exercise. Riding a cycle outside has countless benefits but who has the luxury of time? Thus, get a Mini cycle exercise bike. It will fit perfectly in your bedroom and will remind you to take a solid workout every day.

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 Now, you are in a great position to consider the best ways to improve your life this New Year. Decide what you want to achieve in 2018, plan how to get it and go for it.

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