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“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune


Spices have a history which is as long as human civilization. Since ages, they have been a source of exploration and commodity trade. During the ancient and medieval times, spices were the most traded items and played a commendable role throughout the human history. They were rare and precious, used for a variety of purposes like medicinal, perfumery or for flavoring, etc.

Food spices

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Spices are still cultivated mostly by hand and are cleaned, washed and sun-dried for 5-10 days.Today, spices are being shipped all over the world. People buy and ship from India as India being the world’s largest producer and exporter of spices. The story of Indian Spices is more than 7000 years old. Centuries before Greece and Rome had been discovered, sailing ships were carrying India Spices, perfumes and textiles to Mesopotamia, Arabia and Egypt. The fame of Indian spices is older than the recorded history.

Spices are the heart of Indian cooking and have been used since ancient times. Even the ancient Hindu scriptures, Vedas, give reference of spices. Various spices were used in traditional medicines due to their bioactive properties. However, no investigations have yet been made for the effects of cooking on these bioactivities.

Spices are combined to add more flavors to the recipe and hide any unpleasant odor from the food. India commands a prominent position in the spice world by exporting 75 of the 109 varieties listed by ISO. Shop and shipping of spices has now become easy and you can check here for the Shipping charges from India. Here are some of the most popular Indian brands for spices:

1.   Everest

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Everest is a special spice brand that has dominated the spice market of India for the past 45 years. It has a wide range of species to add taste to every food. Everest is such a popular spice brand that you can find its spices in almost every house in India.

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2.   Sakthi

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Sakthi Masala Pvt. Ltd is a well-known spice brand in southern India. The company attributes its success of spices to the Quality. Since 1975, besides pickles, flour, papad and ghee, Sakthi now produces more than 50 varieties of spices and masala powders.

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3.   MTR

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MTR or the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms is a popular spice brand of India.  Started out as a restaurant, today MTR is recognized as an old and trusted name in the world of spice. MTR not only offers a unique mix of flavor, taste, richness and aroma, but also offers other products like pickles, frozen food etc. MTR is now a household name not only in India but also in various parts of the world. You can go for these outside India using 1GrandTrunk.

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4.   MDH

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Mahashian Di Hatti, better known as MDH, is considered as the granddad of the spice world in India. With 12% market share, MDH is the second most popular spice brand. It’s founder, MahashayChuniLal, founded a small shop in Sialkot in the year 1919. Today, MDH is now a global spice manufacture grown in popularity all over India. The top 3 products of MDH are Deggi Mirch, Chaat Masala, and Chana Masala.

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5.   Catch

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Catch is known for authentic, whole, pure and blended Indian spices. Launched in 1987, Catch now offers an entire range of spice mixes, blended or whole spices, and sprinklers. Catch uses the advanced Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology so that it can prevent volatile & delicate oils to evaporate from the spices. It packs the spices in food grade metal-lined cartons, flexible laminated and suitable composite cans of various sizes.

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6.   Cookme

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Cookme Spice Pvt. Ltd., a leading brand from Kolkata, manufactures premium quality spices. They make ready-to-use spice pastes, whole spices and spice mixes along with authentic Bengali spice powders.

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7.   Eastern spices

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Eastern spices are among the top selling spice brands of India. It specializes in numerousaesthetic blends of spices suitable for different recipes. Founded in 1983 by Mr. M. E. Meeran, Eastern spices were considered as the first company in India to gain the ISO 22000 certification.

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8.   Mothers recipe

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Owned by Desai brothers Ltd., Mothers recipe is again a renowned spice brand in India. Mothers’ recipe is known for producing ethic pickles, chutneys, spices, papads, ready to cook spices etc. With its presence in 40 countries, Mothers recipe products are popular all over the world. Today, this Pune-based Mother’s Recipe has become synonymous with spices and offers over 50 types of pickles.

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9.   Priya

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Sri RamojiRao founded Priya in 1980. Priya is now a popular name in the world of spice in India and is considered as one of the oldest spice brands amongst others. It is also a registered trademark of Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited.  Garam Masala powder, Rasam powder etc. are the famous spices provided by the brand.

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10.  Ramdev

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Ramdev storeis a leading spice manufacturer in India. They offer turmeric Indian spices, general spices, whole spices, and blended spices. It was established by Hasmukhbhai Patel in 1965.

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Spices are used to preserve, season and improve the flavor of food. They are a very useful resource in the kitchen, helping you prepare tastier and healthier dishes in restaurants too. With their aromatic and medicinal properties, they have influenced the world. People have been intrigued and magnetized with the presence of these spices in their kitchens. Throughout history, they have been acclaimed by great historical figures such as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo among others, who admired by the aromas and flavors went into the route of spices.

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We hope that this list will be very useful for you. Of course, these are more or less basic spices depending on the type of food you want to prepare, but they will help you add flavor to what you prepare. Do not be afraid of them, experiment a bit as we bring all the spices to your kitchen.

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