Online Shopping Has A New Haven – 6 Chinese Websites You Must Shop From

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Everyone today prefers shopping online. It’s easy, convenient, one can get updated with the latest trends in products and shop from across the world. E-commerce is a massive industry in China. There’s a new wave of shopping websites from China that has the consumers gushing about it. We’re going to list 6 popular Chinese websites you can shop from and ship worldwide. Let’s have a look.

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

Alibaba-owned Taobao is one of the top players in the Chinese e-commerce industry. The C2C giant sells almost everything – from stationary to automobiles. Its exhaustive range of products makes it one of the popular shopping websites. Taobao offers free registration for its users.

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Tmall is a virtual mall that sells a host of brands’ products. The website sells notable products of brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Burberry and more. Many brands have a large chunk of their online retail presence on

Image Source: is another popular shopping website in China. It mainly sells electronics, home appliances, clothing, and books. 360buy also has its own online travel service and a virtual mall for luxury brands.


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DangDang specializes in selling clothing, shoes, and gadgets. The website also has a recently launched e-reader and an e-book service. If you’re a bookworm, shop away from Dangdang’s own e-book store.


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Vancl is China’s largest clothing e-tailer. The website has its own clothing line and sells it at affordable rates for shoppers. The company also has a virtual mall site which sells other clothing brands.

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The Alibaba-owned shopping website, sells vast stocks of an array of products like clothing, household products, and electronics. The website is hugely popular owing to its cheaper price.

The e-commerce market in China is booming with more consumers buying from various Chinese websites. These portals are exhaustive with their range of products, offer huge discounts and provide the majority of products at affordable prices. Many consumers might even find it difficult as these websites are in Mandarin.

Consumers need not worry about the websites being in Mandarin. One can use Chrome Browser which automatically translates the information to his/her preferred language which makes navigation smooth. A click on the translate button in the URL makes online shopping even easier.

Follow the steps as shown below and you can translate the page into any language in which you would like to see the page.

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Happy shopping from CHINA!

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