10 Chinese Toys That Make Learning Enjoyable

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Childhood is one of the most special phases of life. It is a crucial stage of life that shapes us and helps us make some fond memories. Most part of our childhood had us playing with toys. They are an integral part of childhood and play a huge role in the early development of a child. They are fun and even help a child learn motor skills & coordination. China has always been one of the best manufacturers of a variety of children’s toys. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Mozbii

Image Source: ufro.com

This is an innovative gadget for kids that lets them play with colours and enhances their creativity. Mozbii is a stylus that lets the kids pick colours from the real world with interactive technology.  It has Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with tablets or cell phones. Mozbii spikes their curiosity and learning abilities. buy it here.

2. Doh-Dough

Image Source: doh- dough

Playing with dough is fun and brings out a child’s artistic side. Doh-dough is a Hong Kong-based brand that offers various innovative dough kits like Burger Kit, Choco Party Kit, Ice Cream Set, & Colour Mixing Pack. With Doh-Dough, children can give wings to their imagination. Buy these chinese toys here.

3. Chinese Yo-Yo

Image Source: Yo-Yo play

A traditional Chinese toy, Yo-yo is also known as Diabolo. It is an hourglass-shaped toy that is spun on a string. The trick is to keep it balanced on the string using a hand stick. It is often used by acrobats. You can purchase it here.

4. Wooden Toys

Image Source: Bang good

Whether it is a huge wooden dollhouse or a wooden train track, you can buy an array of wooden toys from China. They are available for kids of all ages. There are Pull and Push toys specially designed for toddlers, Interactive Puzzles, Rocking Animals, Playhouses, & Little Kitchens for kids, & wooden tool boxes and multi function bead sets for inquisitive children. Buy These chinese toys here.

5. Teepee Tent Playhouse for Kids

Image Source: Tepee

A Teepee is a cone-shaped tent that comprises of three bamboo poles covered with a cloth. Gift a Teepee tent to your little one and see the happiness on their face. This tent will let your kids have their own space at home. Buy it here from China.

6. Space Sand

Image Source:Space sand

Space Sand is a cooler version of play dough. The creative possibilities with Space Sand are endless. Kids have the opportunity to create any object and kids from age 6 can use it for their science experiments. Buy it here from China.

7. Mini Foosball

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Let your kids try their hand at the games you play. Buy this mini table Foosball for your kids from China and teach them how it is played. It can be an early Foosball lesson for your tots.

8. Magnetic Balls

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Stack the magnetic balls to create interesting objects. Kids can create sculptures or even interesting objects of a variety of shapes with these stress-relieving magnetic balls. You can buy as many as you want for your kids from China and let them have fun while being creative. Buy it here.

9. Mushroom Nails

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Mushroom Nails toys are another fun way to let your kids create novel things and pave way for creativity. The set contains colourful mushroom nails and pegboard. You can also teach them numbers and letters on the pegboard. buy it here.

10. 3D Paper Puzzles

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3D paper puzzles are a great way to keep your kids engaged and teach them augment their general knowledge. 3D paper puzzles are available in various models like Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Flamingo, Peacock, Ship, Aeroplane, etc. Buy them here.

New age inventive toys are the best way to help your child have fun while keeping them engaged. Make learning easy and fun for kids. Buy any of these toys from popular Chinese websites and ship anywhere in the world with a variety of shipping options from 1GrandTrunk. Sign up today. Happy shopping!

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