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By April 19, 2018Explore USA

The time of pregnancy can be both anxious & exciting for a woman. This period calls for many precautions to be taken. Your body and mind will undergo many changes during the months that follow, and special care is very important. If you are pregnant or recently had a baby, this should e your go-to list for all the maternity essentials you’ll need for yourself & the baby.

1. Leachco Back N Belly Chic Body Pillow

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Sleeping may not be the most comfortable activity for pregnant women. Apart from ensuring wholesome care for the baby, they need to make sure that their body does not suffer. Many women who tend to lie on their stomach or sideways find it very difficult to cope. The best option for this is to get a body pillow that traces the shape of your body and can be used during pregnancy, be it under the knees or while sleeping. Buy from for $50

2. Baby Belly Band by CABEA

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As the weight of the baby increases, it gets difficult to walk around to a considerable distance. To ensure full support for the baby and let the women walk comfortably, the belly support belt is a great buy. It adds more room for the baby and ensures you stay on your feet without any worries! Buy from at  $45,

3. Motherhood Maternity leggings/jeans

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Ah, the essentials. No, you should not wear the old pair of jeans unbuttoned. While it may seem fit at the time, it is hurtful in the long term for both parents as well as the baby. Buying special leggings or jeans for the occasion works best. Buy from at $35.

4. Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smart Band

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If you are someone who likes wearable devices that keep a track of your daily physical activity and calorie intake, you will certainly love Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smart Band. This band not only keeps a tab on your weight, diet, hydration, sleep, calories, etc. but also tracks breastfeeding and bottle feeding, pumping, pre and post-natal vitamins, medications, diaper changes, fetal movements, baby’s weight and naps. This band can sync with both iOS and Android devices. Buy from at  $150,

5. iLoveSIA seamless nursing Bra

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When it comes to your breasts, the size will change as the days go by, and you need a more comfortable and adjustable pair of bras to get through. A stretching pair goes a long way as it adjusts to the changing size. Buy from at $20.

6. HoMedics Massaging Water Bottle

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Yes, we know you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders and in your belly! It is absolutely essential to have a water bottle to massage your body (especially the back) after a long, tiring day of being a mom. During or after pregnancy, a warm massage is always a delight, isn’t it? Buy from, at $10.

7. Comfortable Shoes

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Since your body weight and centre of gravity shifts during pregnancy, it is not recommended to wear heels or shoes that are uncomfortable. Be it classic loafers, or a good pair of sports shoes, put them on and go for a walk. Buy from at $20.

8. Chimes Peppermint Ginger Chews

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Ginger and the cooling effect of peppermint is a sure way to battle that morning sickness. More chewing, less thinking. Buy from at $13

9. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

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The most stylish, user-friendly and advanced system for breast pumping. If you think your friends attending the baby shower are the most helpful, this will change that train of thought! Buy from at $119.

10. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

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We know you are a warrior. You have fought well for your life and your stretch marks prove your valour. Whether you have developed them during the time or earlier, you can choose to get rid of them. Buy from Amazon, at $28.

There are a host of other products that await you for your health, wellness or the post-natal care of the baby. Whether you are in the USA, China or India, you can buy these online and use 1GrandTrunk to get the best shipping deals. Sign up for free today!

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