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World Earth Day – Things That Replaces Plastic

By April 20, 2018Explore India

The earth is what we all have in common. Does this not make everyone responsible for what is happening to our earth? Does it also not make it a duty of every individual to ensure that our earth is preserved so that the current and the future generation can have a sustainable life?

It surely does!

The Earth Day

As the earth day is approaching – it is on 22nd April, let us all take the pledge to replace plastic with biodegradable products, and take the first step towards conserving and preserving the earth.

If you are unsure about what could be the replacements for these plastics, then here is the list of some common replacements –

Shopping Bags

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Plastic from shopping bags is the biggest contributor to plastic waste. The best way to fight it out is by using shopping bags made out of paper, jute and other such options which are completely safe for the environment and earth. In fact, governments from many countries are taking strong steps to avoid using plastic bags for shopping and replacing them with biodegradable options.

Biodegradable Plastics

Just in case you want to continue getting the feel of plastic in your day to day life, you can replace the normal plastic with products developed using biodegradable plastic such as Polycaprolactone. It is a synthetic ester that can degrade within six months.

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So, it is safer and more convenient option as compared to regular plastic. Similarly, there are other aliphatic polyesters which can be used.

Wooden Products

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Replacing the regular plastic ware in your kitchen with wooden products can be another great way to reduce the pressure on our mother earth. Wooden products are more environment-friendly and ergonomic. Hence they can be a great choice to replace plastic from our day to day life activities.

Other Innovative Options

One of the most innovative options in this regard comes in the form of Polylactic Acid produced via starch fermenting of corn. Sounds like a dream – isn’t it? Plastic created from corn!

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With its rigidity to replace polystyrene, and ability to completely decompose within 47 days make it an ideal replacement for the regular plastic that has become the cause of so much trouble for our earth.

These are just a few of the steps that could be taken to make earth a better place to live. And, it is not just about a single individual taking these steps.It requires a collective effort of everyone in and around us. We must walk together to fight this battle against plastic that is deteriorating our ecosystem, our atmosphere and our living conditions. And, taking a pledge on World Earth Day to stop using plastic could be the perfect way to begin it with 1GrandTrunk to ship these biodegradable products worldwide.

So, do you take the pledge to not just replace plastic in your day to day life with other safer options but also inspire others for the same as well?

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