5 IoT Enabled products You Need For Your Home

We are in an era where smart technology has taken over the way we work, cook, watch TV, & play games. The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed our lives by making them faster and more efficient. Our homes have become smart too. With the advent of home automation and smart assistants developed by Apple, Amazon & Google that have taken over our lives, the IoT has really been a boon to our lives. We have listed down the 5 must-have IoT products you need for your smart home. Let’s have a look.

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The Amazon Echo

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This smart speaker can do more than just pick music playlists for you. Connected to smart personal assistant Alexa, The Amazon Echo can make your to-do list, set alarms, give weather updates, stream podcasts & other real-time information. You can also connect the Echo with other smart devices at home, thus making it the home automation hub.

Philips Hue

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A leader in the smart lighting space, Philips Hue has launched a range of smart light bulbs. Are you a bookworm who always wished for automatic soft lighting at night? Or brighter hues for a surprise birthday party? Philips Hue gives you automated mood lighting while even going on & off when certain activities are triggered.

The Ring 

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Never miss out on messages or visitors who are at your doorstep even when you’re away from home. The Ring is a video doorbell product that allows you to see who is present at the door and even talk to them when you are away. That’s not all. Control the lights on the porch or even mute music while talking.


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How would you like a single app that manages all your connected devices? ImperiHome is an IoT product centralizing the smart devices and their services. Create your own dashboard on your tablet or smartphone, discover new connected devices integrated into the app every month, and organize & control all your home automation devices with this unique app.


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It stands for If This Then That. It’s a simple web-based service that helps you create a chain of conditional commands. For instance, you can let your smart door lock answer your text messages or your smart stove look up for easy recipes.

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