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Are you bored of your regular kitchen? Well, let’s upgrade it with the new gadgets that will not only make your life easy but will also be fun to use. Ease your Monday mornings and blend your own coffee with Portable Espresso Machine. From sharpening your knives to making your cocktail, do it all at home. Take a look at the new gadgets and add them to your collection.

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Premium Cocktail Shaker Set

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This set has every tool that you’d need for making mind-blowing cocktails. It consists of stainless tools that include Boston cocktail shaker, a Japanese jigger, a bar spoon, a Hawthorne strainer, and a Muddler, that’ll help you press and grind herbs fruits and brown sugar for the ultimate cocktail.

All- In-One Multi-Function Steel Blade Jar Opener

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To make the kitchen experience simpler, this will be your favorite tool. With its 5 functions open pickle jars, baby food, sauce jars, water bottles, jams and jellies, soda bottles and condiments. The opener comes with a 100% money back customer satisfaction guarantee, making it even more reliable.

Ourokhome Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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It consists of 3 slots, thus, designed to meet all your requirements. From fixing damaged knives to polishing your already sharped knives, it is suitable for almost all kinds of knives. Butterfly knives, kitchen knives, steak knives, pocket knives, boning knives, etc it can take care of all of them. The sharpener also has a ceramic slot for daily sharpening.

Kitchen Knife And Utensil Set With Rotating Stand

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It comes with 11 colorful kitchen knives, all of them serving different purposes. It also has a slotted spoon, slotted spatula, spaghetti server, ladle, and solid spoon- fitted onto a rotating stand. Not just this, the set is great for small spaces. It allows all your knives and utensils to simply fit in just 9’’ space on your countertop.

Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine

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Get a control over your coffee preparation; grind your own beans, resulting in a quality espresso shot. It is compact, small and lightweight. Its innovative design and powerful extraction pressure help you get a rich and bold espresso.

SYSAMA Fine Mist Olive Pump Spray Bottle

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It can perfectly be used for roasting, sautéing, baking, cooking, grilling, frying, and BBQ etc. The bottle is just apt for olive oil, water, vinegar, juice, and wine. It produces a fine mist that helps in using, just the right amount of oil in cooking. It offers you a lifetime guarantee, thus making it a steal.

Odor Absorber Bar

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Do you end up with stinky hands after working with things like onions, fish or garlic? Well, here’s a solution, rubbing this bar on your hands removes any kind of odor from them. It can be used with or without water.

Upgrade your kitchen with these cool gadgets and have a wonderful time as a host. With all your tools in place and in shape, you won’t waste any time looking around for them. From your coffee to your cocktail, have them just as you like it with 1GrandTrunk.



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