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Souvenirs are a great way to take back the lovely memories of your trip along with you. If you cannot afford a trip to Europe to buy a souvenir for your family, friends, or yourself, you can shop them online and ship to your resident country with 1GrandTrunk. You can explore a huge variety of souvenirs like organic cosmetics, leather goods, and amber. Here we have listed the best souvenirs to buy in the European countries:

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Italy: Leather Goods

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In the markets of Italy, you can find a wide collection of leather goods like bags, wallets, belts, key chains, and notebooks. These are the ideal souvenirs which you can use in your daily life instead of keeping them aside in your cupboard.

France: Honey Soap

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The fragrant and natural LeBlanc range of soaps is the souvenir you must bring back from France. With its origin from the Grass, which is the perfume capital of France, these soaps are purely made of Shea butter as well as vegetable oil. A gift hamper of different soaps inclusive of the popular honey soap can bring a smile on anyone’s face. The soaps are packed beautifully inside soap tin.

Germany: German Hats and Hat Pins



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If you are someone who loves the traditional German look, unique German hats and hat pins can be the best souvenir for you from Germany. Made with the high-quality wool felt material with HB Hofbräuhaus hat pin, the hat can work as a perfect memory of having visited Germany.

United Kingdom: Cadbury Chocolate


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Chocolates are the evergreen option when it comes to buying a souvenir. Popular for its mouth-watering Cadbury chocolates, United Kingdom is a hub for all the chocolate lovers. A gift hamper of Cadbury chocolates from the UK can be the synonym for happiness for your loved ones.

The Netherlands: Decorative Home Decor

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Delft products are a masterpiece with white and blue designs. You can select the souvenir of your choice from a wide range of decorative cushion cover designs.  The lightweight souvenir is a perfect choice for those who love home decor. The flowers and peacock design cover made with 100% polyester is a useful souvenir which fits the choice of every homemaker.

Spain: Handheld fan

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The handheld fans from Spain provide great functionality by keeping you cool in the hot summer. They add elegance and sophistication when you carry them in your hand. Available in different design options, these fans can be ideal for carrying or gifting in any event or occasion.

Poland: Amber

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The unique jewelry made up of Amber can be the right souvenir if you want to gift to your mother, sister, or spouse. Popular with the name of Baltic’s gold, this material is used in a variety of items like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Sweden: Woollen Blanket Dala Horses

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Dala horses are a unique blend of innovation and creativity. Originating from the region of Dalarna, these horses painted with bright colors are popular souvenirs you can keep as a decorative item at your home. Pick a unique wool blanket with Dala Horse print as a Souvenir from Sweden.

Czech Republic:  Natural Cosmetic Products

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The Czech Republic is famous for manufacturing of natural cosmetic products which are rich in minerals and vitamins essential for skin nourishment. Beer hair balms, organic soaps, and skincare products, face mist, etc. are some of the best souvenirs to shop for. The range is affordable and perfect for gifting women and men, both.

Switzerland: Lindt chocolate

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A trip to Switzerland is never complete without taking back the delicious Lindt chocolates as a souvenir. Lindt chocolates are the best way to give pleasure to your taste buds. A gift hamper comprising of Lindt chocolate bars is all you need to make your loved ones happy.

You are now aware of the best souvenirs you can take back along from your next trip to any of the above European countries. Make sure that you do not miss out to explore these options before coming back from these places.

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