Kids Approved Magical Gifts that will Make Them Jump with Joy

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Getting a child a gift is not as easy as it sounds. Kids can be a lot more particular than we realize. Treat them to wonderful and fun gifts that help them learn and explore their creativity. Here are 10 magical gifts for kids that will surely make them jump for joy:

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Canvas Teepee

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There’s nothing quite as fun as having your own playhouse. This canvas teepee playhouse is the ultimate playing space for any child. It features a water-resistant bottom mat and offers loads of space. It is perfect for letting your kid’s imagination run wild and for creating wonderful adventures and memories.

Garden Lily Pond

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Cultivate a love of nature in your child with this fairy garden lily pond. With its beautifully crafted delicate detailing, the miniature garden lily pond looks scenic and picturesque. It is a real garden in which kids can grow plants and learn to nurture them. It comes with fun accessories that will make playing in the garden super fun.

Personalized Storybook Adventure

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Let your child’s imagination and creativity take them on an adventure with this personalized storybook adventure. Your child will love seeing their own name in this personalized story. The illustrations are absolutely fascinating and the quality is top-notch. It is best suited for children up to the age of 10.

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set

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Let your kid be mesmerized by the stars and colors and glitter of a kaleidoscope with this set. Your child can make the kaleidoscope all by themselves with this simple ‘Make your own Kaleidoscope’ set. With its colored gems, sequins, petals and more, your child can create many dazzling visual effects to keep them enthralled for hours.

 Personalized Unicorn Pillow

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Give your child this personalized unicorn pillow that they will surely love for years to come. With its reversible sparkly sequins and beautiful design, this unicorn pillow is perfect for children who are fascinated by the magic of unicorns. The sequins can be written and drawn on and even change color as you brush your hand across them.

 LEGO Dragon Building Set

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Give your child a chance to explore their creativity and motor skills with this amazing LEGO dragon pit building set. With its Iron Baron, missile shooter, buildable telescope and multiple detachable sections, it allows for endless hours of fun and inventiveness. Enter the dragon pit and play in the augmented reality AR playgrounds.

 Crayola Twistable Crayon Set

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Add a splash of color to your child’s life with this Crayola twistable crayon set. With its unique barrel twist design, you do not need to peel any labels to get started. It comes with 24 colors and is a fun and simple new twist on classic crayons that any child will absolutely love.

 Dinosaur Lunch Box

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Give your budding paleontologist a big treat with this dinosaur lunch box. Shaped like a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s head, this lunch box is sure to stand out from the crowd and will be met by roaring approval by your kid. It is compact and easy to carry and is perfect for every dinosaur-loving child.

Popular Playthings Playstix

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Inspire your child to build anything they can imagine with the Popular Playthings Playstix. It comes with 150 pieces and has interlocking grooves so that your kid can construct almost anything that they dream of. It comes in multiple colors and lengths and offers limitless fun and gives your child a chance to explore their creativity.

Unicorn Pool Float

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Nothing beats splashing around in the pool and having fun. Give your child a chance to splash around with this unicorn-themed pool float. Let them play or relax and lounge around with no worries with a super fun inflatable pool float.

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