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If You Like Macy’s, You’ll Like Pantaloons

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#YourKindaBrand Series -1

“I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet” Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City
Welcome to The #YourKindaBrand– a series dedicated to helping you find brands and labels that are similar to the ones you already love and adore. With titbits of history, mystery, and similarities, we run you through a few facets of two relatable brands, thereby introducing you to what might be your new favorite shopping portal. Sound good? Let’s get started! Here’s the 1st post of The #YourKindaBrand series.

The same is true for most of us. Call it vanity, an obsession or overt creativity – fashion is something that each of us practices every day – albeit in our own intrinsic ways. Everything from the clothes we wear to the accessories that adorn us is a reflection of our tastes, our preferences, and our personality. And because fashion is so varied, there are numerous brands, each with its own distinct style and collection, catering to a specific audience. And then, there are some labels that have made it to the top by combining every possible brand under one roof. Macy’s and Pantaloons are two such best clothing brands.
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It’s Time To Get Your Kids Halloween-Ready

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Worried about dressing up your child for Halloween? We’ve got your child covered, and you as well. Choose from a wide range of themes and costumes from Halloween Costumes – an online portal dedicated to Halloween. And don’t just settle for Halloween costumes for the kids. Get yourself something nice as well. In fact, we suggest you turn this Halloween into a full-fledged family affair. That said, here are a few themes you can shop from. Have fun. Oh, and Happy Halloween!


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A One-Stop Shop For Indian Handicrafts

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Whether you are an avid collector of goodies from different parts of the world or just a fan of all things Indian, this online handicraft boutique of India is just for you. Craftsvilla is the hub of everything from traditional Indian apparel to ethnic wall-art and terracotta vases. The food, the clothes, the decorative items, the little things of India and 1GrandTrunk promises to bring you all this to your home, at considerably lower shipping costs. But what all handicrafts does Craftsvilla exactly have?

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WHY TO CHOOSE 1GRANDTRUNK E-Shopping From Overseas?
Just 1GrandTrunk IT!

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A guide for using 1GrandTrunk for the best international shipping experience
shopping with 1GrandTrunk
“Hey, I heard you were going to the USA. Could you bring me the latest iPhone? I’ve heard it’s cheaper there”.
“There’s a designer hand bag that I really want to get my hands on. But I am not too sure if I want to pay so much for shipping. I’ll wait for someone to make a trip.”.
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